1. Honestly I'm thinking late '60s at the earliest, and probably the '70s

  2. You are actually correct just asked my mom and she said this was likely the 70s when they got to the states. What tipped you off?

  3. Nice! Are you a fashion person, or historian, or were you around back then? I thought it could be the 70s but Imy grandmother's hair throws me off a bit.

  4. I know we are all thinking about this in a very dark way but this might not be the worst idea. There have been school shooting games in the past and honestly, it would be a great commentary on how things are.

  5. Here’s the funny thing…even though people will know it’s fake, everyone will still go ahead and Google it to see if he said it or not…just in case.

  6. I'm over here looking for the video lmao

  7. Nope, I didn't like her in 5 either. 4 may have been her best work besides 1.I think the writing is the real issue with the new movies.

  8. Tell me you were born after 2000 without telling me you were born after 2000.

  9. In what way does my age matter? It's safe to assume you were a kid when you saw the first three movies, doesn't make it any different, especially if you watched them in order like I did.

  10. But you literally just said what I said. Yes, I was a kid when I saw Scream. And based on what you were saying you were born 2001 so of course you think Scream 4 is the best.

  11. Shiv and Tom because Shiv is shitty enough to sneak off with me and sleep with me.

  12. I honestly don't even remember it. I was disinterested in the reveal. The people writing these aren't fans of the original. It reminded me of the Scream 2 reveal, which was, and still is, awful.

  13. The concept is cool but imagine after 1 or 2 weeks when you are the only one in the theater LOL

  14. Before I look, I just want to make sure that you're not thinking of the Scattergories

  15. OMFG I was going to say I could be wrong. And I just started to look for Kate McKinnon sketches. This is it. Thank you so much!

  16. Nice! Thank you so much. I particularly love the kitchen one as my mom is a narcissist that used to do that to me as a kid. I feel heard lol

  17. Honestly, I can see Rockstar having 50 executive produce the in-game tv shows and movies. He’s been hitting home runs with his shows and Rockstar probably has plans to make the shows a bit more serious while still keeping a comedic tone to it. My opinion though who knows.

  18. Let's not forget that he had 2 games on the PS2 when GTA started thriving.

  19. This was taken from the original Scream screenplay which was hysterically titled Scary Movie.

  20. Same and it's not because Jack was "first" it's because his character cracked me up and it felt like the joker it's what I want bang guns and joy buzzers 😂😂😂

  21. Yes! I'm rewatching it now. He was hysterical.

  22. I don't think that's an unpopular opinion at all. One of the pleasures of the character is that he's got such a diverse history you can pull out so many different iterations to explore.

  23. Thank makes me really happy. I have brought this up many times only to have people freak out on me. Even the way his charter looks still bothers me as an adult.

  24. Yes. I let my gamer friends down all the time.

  25. Believe it or not, my brother was friends with the Kaulkin family and to my memory yes they did think that. I remember my brother showing me the movie Chumbscrubber because Rory was in it.

  26. I’ve never seen someone mention Chumscrubber in the wild before lol

  27. I choose to believe this is real and not a shitpost

  28. Imagine all of these pensive bison sneezing in his McFlurry?

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