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  1. By far the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in a restaurant. Bar none.

  2. A pig roaster that sat in the summer sun for a month is mine. (I don't know which is worse)

  3. This feeds into my conspiracy that conspiracies are made to distract people from actual problems. "Why worry about deepfake pron when the elites (definitely not just a code word for Jews) are trafficking children to sex cult islands with LGBT ideology"

  4. Looks like you have your priorities of what to unpack first right

  5. Hm? I don’t understand. The shelf with my Exakta is the shelf with my main shooters, the one underneath is (quite obviously) my developing shelf, the top shelf is my 127mm shelf, along with my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye box and Brownie Reflex box, the bottom shelf is my film and thecamerasthatilikebutdontuse shelf.

  6. I mean from the boxes in the background it looks like you're just moving into a new place and unpacked your cameras first.

  7. I picked a bad time to look at this thread.

  8. It is, supposedly, all religious symbols. I've seen enough to know it won't be equally enforced. Or it will just result in certain religious people that have required garb to be unable to work for the government. Which wouldn't just affect politicians but post office workers, teachers, etc.

  9. That moment when you're at the 80s SciFi themed party and get so drunk you end up wearing a lampshade as a hat.

  10. That Koala just gives off "prepare the anus" vibes.

  11. If we get the floor by the dishwasher wet it leaks into the room the brewery below us stores their hops. Fml

  12. That's unfortunate to hear. Honestly wet or dry plate are complicated enough

  13. Mail them to me. I'll take a look and appraise them all and get back to you. You can trust me.

  14. Nah, that was a legitimately good photo. Not really getting the hate.

  15. I'm hoping it was "what would you do if everyone you ever slept with was in the same room?"

  16. Get a job at Moobys. Cheat on your fiancee with your managers. Go to jail because of a donkey show. Get funded by the dealers who hung out outside the gas station to buy it and reopen it.

  17. Waiting for the little white truffle with 6 black truffles meme to inevitably happen

  18. When you're slammed with online orders but the servers are bored

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