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  1. I thought for sure it was a dildo attached over his finger. Like for sure thought it. Then he flipped the hand over and I saw the nail lolol

  2. Just want to go on record, that I did get mah Break Free at Gorge. But will always be #teambreakfree.

  3. Username checks out! That 34 was a tear jerker!

  4. I lost it when I looked over and then saw them!

  5. Alexa, play ‘Nearer, my God, to thee’ RMS Titanic violin quartet, as we go down with the ship.... Its been an honor fellow Break Frees brothers and sisters.

  6. Break Free!!! Cmon guys, we are in it early this round!

  7. Took me 20+ years to realize The Violator was John Leguizamo...

  8. It's private conversations recorded illegally without the band knowing. It should be frowned upon everywhere.

  9. Fair enough, I was unaware of the legality of it all. Just accepted the status quo of it and never brought it up. But they existed/exist and the rule was put out after the dissemination was at its peak. I'm only privy to that bands board, and it being frowned upon on that board, with no explanation of legality of the files. Just that they were rips off the soundboard. Plus, the damage is already done and they are funny as shit.

  10. Nice, TIL, ty. And that's what I thought it was about. It's kind of cool/strange to hear their communications without the playing to the crowd. But I totally get why they don't want those spread. "Two-step these fuckers" wouldnt be the best light for them. Funny AF tho lol

  11. What's with the super hero music in the background? Thought Iron Man was gonna swoop down at the end.

  12. Nice perspective. I figured it was a buildup for a face MJF return. Just get some go-away heat, have him teasing a requisition of Wardlow's contract. Then have a Wardlow on a Pole match, obviously.

  13. We are running out of time #teambreakfree... We are going to make it on this setlist, I'm going to finally hear it at Gorge this year, Im not going be break free-less, everyone else has gotten their moment, no more, heavy breathing

  14. Wasn't this a Dave Matthews Band tour poster this year? I love when the prints get scrubbed of the band occassionally. Or vice versa. Not sure which comes first.

  15. Wang, Schlong, Schtick, Wenis, Fiddle stick, Flopper, And as my son currently refers to it, Paginis.

  16. Funny. I was going to say that I am getting sick of the Time Bomb intro. I've seen it the last 4 shows, and I miss the improvisation of the others. It was cool the first couple of times, but I want the on-the-spot intros back next year.

  17. 11 years later..... Fuck, me too bud, me too

  18. Jimi is objectively a better song than So Right, People on this page hate it bc they've been dave fans for decades and heard it too much.

  19. Saw this on a USCG helicopter at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT. Pretty cool place. I have no idea what that DMB stands for but thought to myself, I know just the place for this.

  20. Not saying with certainty but might be a datum marker bouy. I guess it helps identify stuff in the water like currents for search and rescue missions. TIL

  21. Looks cville-esque. But can't narrow it down

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