1. It's interesting to me how positive many people feel about the panel of them celebrating together, because this scenes make me feel actually deeply uncomfortable.

  2. big mood long live peg reddit salty #youwouldn'tunderstandcan'trelate

  3. Should I get into hacking? Like in a cool based fem sigma red pilled e-boy secret dark web underwolrd savvy druglord fashion?

  4. Do you mean in general or related to following acim?

  5. Speaking from personal experience. It is an intense situation

  6. Recent life circumstances have made me feel distorted, weak, angry (towards myself), humiliated, unneeded, destructible and insufficient. All in very high degrees.

  7. I said the toei sound department needs to be hanged and I got banned

  8. It is possible. You can make money. You probably should not do it

  9. Thank you for the straightforward answer. All I wanted to know is whether it is possible.

  10. I asked if it's possible. Yes or no + an in-depth answer would prove helpful for others looking for the same answers. Thank you

  11. I don’t think conquerors on this scale was ever precedented, even for people who have conquerors. Even WB was like “what the actual fuck”.

  12. I impulsively deleted the game last week. The game makes you slave too hard

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