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  1. How dare they vote out the manliest of men...

  2. I feel like it's definitely possible for him to get a lot more popular but I feel there's definitely a ceiling to how mainstream he can go with how anti-industry he is

  3. Ever since the fifth emperor hype I don’t trust well known narratives in one piece. God valley could’ve all been blown out of proportion. The only credit I can give Garp is from his last conversation with Roger.

  4. It is not Katakuri. He is not a "villain", since none of his motivations are exactly evil, he is an antagonist. A really great antagonist, but there are much better "villains" in the series (Doflamingo, Crocodile and Enel are all insanely evil in their arcs which makes them great villains)

  5. Kata’s defeat was nothing like us fans had previously experienced before. It wasn’t the casual “I’m going to beat your ass until I win”. Kata’s defeat was not physical. It felt like 2 men meeting eachother high enough that their battle wasn’t even a fight. Similar to how when Dorry and Broggy forgot why they were fighting in the first place.

  6. What? It’s the cold hard truth that I am Jesus

  7. I’m not so lucky, the universe was my responsibility but I mixed everything up

  8. What’s the difference between professional data and non-professional data?

  9. Just sounds like a miscommunication. Any person can fall into this trap whether mentally healthy/"unhealthy". The awareness that comes with acknowledging you're in a safe space needs to be fostered carefully and gently - that goes for both of you (someone's gotta do it) . You're not the bad guy, at best it just sounds like your man wants to be safe. And I don't blame him if that's the case. There's a lot of unbelievable assholes out there

  10. And btw. Don't be hard on yourself. I don't think either of you wants to cause each other pain. Y'know? No one would ever choose that for themselves. So don't waste your time. It's only doubt, nothing else.

  11. Their Singles are really good and I recommend listening to them in between the albums. They are all easily accessible on the Past Masters, Volumes 1 & 2. - Make sure you include "Free As a Bird" and "Real Love" at the end. Its a real sweet conclusion, especially considering they were released after John's passing.

  12. I was waiting for a paragraph or 2. I love hearing about music fan origins. Really helps. No one’s mentioned the singles (unless I missed it). Really appreciate this Mr. Collector

  13. They have 12 studio albums and each isn't especially long unless you count the White Album, so getting through their discography isn't a difficult task.

  14. Crazy. Thanks for the background. I find this kind of information is useful before diving in head first

  15. White girl here! Other than the fact that I believe it to be one of the most creative and well-written TV series of our generation, I think it's an important watch. Season 3 especially will slap you silly (if you have an open mind, that is). I think it would be an ingenious teaching tool in schools. I am grateful for the wake up call every episode.

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