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  1. Hoping this goes as well as possible for you, and we'll be thinking of you!

  2. Hey everyone, popping in to confirm the hitbox change is a bug, and not an intentional change. We'll be changing Bronco back to the Merc hitbox in our next update, and we're adding this to the

  3. The new map looks great, I just have one issue with it; why is there an almost opaque white circle when the ball is approaching/touching the walls/ceiling? It's blocking the view when setting up a shot off the wall. On the other maps, we only see the outline of the circle.

  4. I'm for sure making a Jet Set Radio car

  5. Nice. I hope Bomb rush cyberfunk ends up being a worthy successor

  6. These are sick, but I encourage you to utilize the power of an image gallery instead of making 30 individual posts.

  7. You can't get banned if you've been banned all this time and just didn't realize it.

  8. Here's a side by side. The map in game has normal brightness, in the menu it doesn't.

  9. Link to patch notes for anybody who prefers to read it on the RL website:

  10. Oh snap, missed it this time, but added now. Thanks for looking out! :D

  11. Utopia lux is another new map? haven't open the game since the update

  12. The main menu and garage are darker than normal, yes. This is due to Utopia (Gilded) being a night map, so it's darker in there than the other arenas we use for the main menu.

  13. Team voice chat is currently bugged for most players. We'll have to wait until it gets fixed.

  14. Hiya folks! We just pushed an update to Quick Chat (no download required) to make "This is Rocket League!" usable anywhere Quick Chat can be used -- not just in Tournaments. Using it during regular, non-Tournament online matches will count towards the Challenge seen above.

  15. Real quick, since when do you get cr for completing your challenges? Is this fake? I’m so confused

  16. Probably an anti-smurfing measure. Smurfs in 1s often keep their rank low by purposely losing every other game. Being able to abandon the match immediately makes this too easy for them. Forcing them to play at least 1.5 mins of every game will slow down the rate at which they play games, so in theory this should reduce the number of games they can ruin per hour.

  17. So just to be clear, the first 1.5 minutes of a comp 1v1 is now mandatory if you want to avoid bans? And this is intentional?

  18. When you guys going to fix banning people if they leave a 1v1 match?

  19. Bug or glitch: I love Gilded Utopia, however spectating from above+behind my team's goal is impossible right now. Ideally, the back of the goal should be transparent

  20. I'm sure accidental own-goals wouldn't net a ban, surely...

  21. Maybe add something new to this game at some point? Its just The same game season after season.. Give us a new ranked mode or something.

  22. Looks awesome! I am curious what the default binds are for the new custom training stuff, is it similar to the D Pad controls within Bakkes?

  23. I must be in the minority, but I didn't see anything in the trailer that got me excited. It's great that they're trying new stuff, and some people will love these things, but they seem kind of tacky to me.

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