1. Are you trying to make a certain team or just a team with him on it?

  2. What are some good types to overcome ground then? I'm like ash, I forget typings 😭

  3. I would suggest pelliper it's water flying and can't get hit with most ground moves while being effective against it

  4. once gengar evolves, youll have a bit of a ground weakness. not a huge deal since you have walrein, but id recommend a flying mon or a levitate mon

  5. This I would go with wingull I can't count the amount of times mine has saved me

  6. Consider playing with level caps on, just for this reason. I prefer playing with level caps due to its two vital uses:

  7. You're going to have to tweak here and there for certain gyms if you want to keep these dudes, but decent in general. Depending on difficulty, you can make most teams work.

  8. I think some gen 1 supes dont because they were giving it as an adult

  9. I think its also because they were like gen 1 supes but they did mention how babies take it better

  10. I think not Edgar sees the supes as product so he would only raise him to be the perfect product

  11. No I play hit as an anchor and fucking excel with level 1s and the little teleporty moves

  12. This has been happening to me for like a month and has happened before just Uninstall for a bit(for me it was a couple months) and hope by the time you reinstall its good again

  13. I used to play a hack where certain spaces would do this just go back to an earlier save if that isn't possible restart

  14. The existence of the boys is to end all super homelander specifically but they keep throwing thr opportunity away and let the psycho live on

  15. I heard you can take back your part and they are all set to first level they were caught at or something like that

  16. You're not wrong. I love this game but by the time I get to round 15.. the lag and stuttering is unreal

  17. I only get past a couple stages before it becomes less fun and more of a chore

  18. Have you unlocked better starting weapons? Also, are you playing solo?

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