1. It's still not enough, we need more fanarts, both from human Marie Itami and her weasel version

  2. What am I doing here? I should see myself out…


  4. Even though I only take this ship with friendship, it's very amusingly adorable and funny 😋

  5. It so be like that. Welcome to this mess of a subreddit, and I assume to fandom as well! We’re small and dying but we’ll stay alive as long as I have muscles on these bones!

  6. Hi, I'm the user who write the idea. First of all, thank you for complementing the idea and reposted it.

  7. I remember one where michiru came out of a cell, stretching and flattening her body, literally using her shapeshifting powers, and from there, I woke up with a fright.

  8. I'm not the one who made the parent comment, I've only ever added my two cents about their patterns regarding sequel material.

  9. For me, this conversation is already very rare, but the link that I just sent you, is from a user named @B1iz4rd who published this from an interview that the producers of trigger studios had in South Korea, I remember that she investigated and yes It was true, but the original twitter that was all in Korean, had lost it, but yes, this is real.

  10. This is not true. They’ve done 2 SSSS series, are making a movie that is a sequel to both of them that will be equavlent to a 5-6 episode season and they are making a Panty and stocking season 2.

  11. Hola, em, es que si, se todo lo que trato BNA, literal, aun asi, usar traductor ya es una mamada wuey xd

  12. The grove street families want to expand all over the world, and apparently they have anima city in sight, the police don't seem to have much weapons, it seems that nobody is going to stop them, except for an albino wolf and a tanuki

  13. Honestly, these two shows ended quite nicely. It would be a shame if these great endings would be crushed by a bad sequel made just for milking the success of the series.

  14. And why do you think that so much dragon ball, one piece, bleach, pokemon, were so successful xd, apart from that ending was so rushed, why do you think people ask for more, cool friend, so give it another chance

  15. Well maybe in some, but anyway, Bna deserve a sequel, we like it or not, we have to see what

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