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  1. I think? I mean the little lines are supposed to be there. I’m not seeing the cross though?

  2. What do you mean by raw dairy and raw honey?

  3. I’ve had every luster pod in the program. Don’t listen to the botanical snobs. The buckey relief cantaloupe crush is the best tasting cart I’ve had. Packs a punch too and their pods last way longer then Klutch. Bout to go grab 2 more and some summer pop pods. I max out my credit every month and am more then please with the new buckey relief pods.

  4. Thanks for your feedback! I went for it and placed an order for the cantelope crush hehe so we will see!

  5. Let me know how you like it. I shared it at a wedding this weekend and eveyone raved. I just grabbed 2 summer pop from BR just now it’s it’s great as well. Taste like red Fargo and has a nice heady buzz

  6. I like it! It’s very sweet which is a huge change for me. I’m so used to my pods tasting like kush that this was like “sheeesh that’s sweet.” But nonetheless good (:

  7. They are distillate with botanical terpenes, and yes, they have thc. Same as their botanical carts. Must have just dropped.

  8. What does your diet consist of on a daily basis? How often do you lift? YOU LOOK AMAZING

  9. My understanding is black tea or coffee is fine. And water of course

  10. That’s what I thought. I’ve been doing it for four months now but I think it’s considered a “dirty fast” I’m not sure though

  11. Coffee can actually ramp up autophagy, so dont worry bout it.

  12. Lol “I’m Poly I can do whatever I want.” Christ. Humanity is just a big pool of narcissistic cringe people. Leave your girlfriend. If she wants a monogamous relationship then respect her and leave.

  13. As mentioned by another here, it feels incredible. That’s why I went past my 20 hour goal. I was just feeling good. At 36 hours I was feeling so good I was wishing I didn’t have to eat ever again.

  14. I just finished my first 24 hour fast!!! I haven’t broken it yet. Not hungry! Feeling really good. I feel pretty accomplished. But wondering if I should try for longer since I’m not hungry?

  15. Why not!? This is exactly what my post was about. Have a few glasses of water and then go to bed. See how you feel in the morning. It’s super empowering. Good luck!! 😊

  16. I’m almost at 24 hrs!!!! 2 hours to go. HELP MOTIVATE ME. I’m not hungry just bored.

  17. Because they trigger chemical release in your brain that make you feel good for a minute, in the same way alcohol and heroin do

  18. because its passover right now and bread is forbidden

  19. Living life will always be more important to me than my dogmatic OMAD doctrine, especially when it comes to our kids. If the same thing were to happen to me I would have folded like a cheap suit no question. I have the same mentality for vacations, holidays, etc.

  20. I’m sorry your girlfriend didn’t want to hear. That’s lame. I have these thoughts too.

  21. I’m trying to drink black coffee but it’s murdering my soul. Silver lining, it actually makes water taste almost sweet

  22. I used to be a coffee and cream kind of person but had to give it up. i love black coffee now. You’ll know a good one from a bad one in a couple of weeks.

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