1. How’s your experience of R vs GTI? I was in an R the other day and I have serious AWD envy now

  2. I dunno man, don’t tell my car but I was in a golf R the other day and now I have serious AWD envy.

  3. You could try leaving a meat pie and an energy drink under a crate propped up by a stick

  4. This is because this "article" is written to manipulate and portray a heavily biased point of view. The 8 year old looking at the video is completely irrelevant (maybe irresponsible of the parents) but it's published because it fits the "police bad" narrative which gets clicks and likes.

  5. Hell no. I genuinely think there’s a good chance that humanity is not going to make it. Seems cruel to pluck an innocent soul out of the void and chuck them into this meat grinder

  6. My mk5 burns a little bit of oil, and I definitely have heard a difference in the idling sound when it gets low. I just top it up once in a while, no issues.

  7. The funniest part of this post is that Blokeybloke guy having a full-blown meltdown at 10 in the morning

  8. Had a few people at my house doing acid the other day. A small part of me did want to put on a clown mask and start screeching at them like a deranged chimp

  9. Shocking that he works a minimum wage job. Surely designing rockets for NASA would be more lucrative?

  10. I don’t support using racial epithets, but I also think that there’s no magic word that makes it ok to assault someone

  11. I think I read this here, but I tell students "struggle is normal - do you want to struggle while studying or during the final exam?" Ideally if a student has been putting in the work and following the study plan for 15 weeks, the final exam should feel like a weight off their shoulders.

  12. I always check spelling and Roman numerals on shitty tattoos. I’m rarely disappointed

  13. The issue is that they are not suggesting asking the communities, which is already how things work, they are suggesting asking some kind of special council. There are over 500 tribes in Australia, and I don't know how many indigenous communities. Do you think it's possible to represent them all in the council?

  14. I haven’t heard of an obscure gov agency so I must get all my news from an echo chamber? That assumption says more about you than it does me.

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