1. As Konig says, Quick only is quick if it KOs a target (this can be you hitting the first target and knocking them back into another target who is KO'd indirectly too).

  2. As someone who basically knew nothing about the character and didn't care enough to even check out his hollywood movie... I found myself pleasantly surprised with just how endearing and interesting his character actually is!

  3. The early reviews from certain channels were killer, personally feel they mostly misrepresented the game terribly. Skillup for example made out the Abbey was a terrible slog that forced you to go stargazing with wolverine every night and neglected to mention almost all the other aspects. Made the game look like a meme.

  4. I think it was a perfect storm of negative factors sadly:

  5. Hadn't thought to use the camera so zoomed in on a bodypart like that, it's artsy and cool af!

  6. Normally it's just in the Title Screen as you say (just below New Game). I don't remember if you have to do something the first time it unlocks though. Have you tried closing the game and restarting it?

  7. Yeah, so I got it. I started it up and to my luck the damn thing crashed and it's gone. And there's no way to get it back because the only way to trigger new game plus to beat the final mission and I've already done that and my dumb ass doesn't have a previous save to return to a time before the final mission. So I'm SOL. I'd have to start completely over to unlock it again.

  8. He's sort of a secret character unlock, a fun bonus for nearly-completing the game. So by the time you unlock him you likely wouldn't be able to do all his friendship stuff anyway before the game ends.

  9. Some cards (like Iron Man's) have effects that boost them to do more things if you spend a redraw on them, but most of them have limits. His Air Support card for example can only be boosted twice before you remove it and redraw another card, whereas his Quick Shot and marking ability can only be boosted once (and his ultimate Suns card can be boosted infinitely).

  10. A way to customize the roster more. It'd allow hairstyles and added things on costumes etc. We'll say this is ran by Elsa.

  11. Hahaha, Nico pulling Deadpool's pistol on someone would be hilarious!

  12. Bigger rooms for characters and more customization options, blade needs a place where to hang his guns.

  13. So, Hawkeye and he comes with an Armory that everyone gets to use? That'd be fun, or is there a better armory person?

  14. The stats you get from every level up you had past level 25 (aka your "champion levels") carry over. So if you levelled up a lot past 25 you can really one shot a lot in NewGame+ lol.

  15. I would just add a fridge/freezer & a stove/oven to the bar that being said Deadpool's food truck could be considered a makeshift "kitchen".

  16. There's an empty room in the Dorms that's closed all the time and doesn't have a character's symbol on it and looks like it could be a bathroom.

  17. From what I remember, Nico never fully drops it. She is annoying from start to finish.

  18. Maybe she wouldn't be so "annoying" if the Avengers stopped treating them like kids and actually cared about helping Wanda!

  19. We could still get new characters, nothing's been announced yet.

  20. I think the DLC is selling pretty well, if they can find a way to produce more around that quality for not too big an expense, they could find themselves with a nice revenue stream of funtimes.

  21. Also if I ever become a multi-millionaire then I'mma fund it lol. I need moar! :D

  22. I think there's this one mod called playing the game that's supposed to be pretty fun.

  23. edit - I thought to compare the Big Guys (BGs) in Fire Emblem to explain how lategame and earlygame focus characters work, but it turns out the BGs in Fire Emblem are traditionally good lategame as well as early? Lol, weird!

  24. Weird to use Fire Emblem as an example since the Fire Emblem community is in pretty much unanimous agreement that Jagens (who you call BGs) are basically always top tier with a handful of exceptions, and Ests (the characters who start out terrible but get strong with investment) are low tier.

  25. Oh really? I only played Awakening and Three Houses (though they were a lot of fun!), and I remember back then someone saying the Jagens(?) were trash lategame lol.

  26. I am surprised wolverine is.tall.

  27. Apparently Counter on KO and Strengthen on KO are tied.

  28. I absolutely love it, made me fall for the game all over again! Really hope it sells well enough for future DLC content too.

  29. The page doesn’t mention light and dark values. Do those reset? I’m playing a light playthrough now, can I turn around and burn through a dark playthrough in new game plus or do I need to start a whole new game?

  30. Yeah your alignment/balance resets in both newgame and +

  31. I did them all in release order, but it's a clever DLC pack in that it doesn't actually matter what order you do them in, Captain Marvel even has a line about it if you talk to her between DLC missions about how some of these plans of ____ seem to overlap.

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