1. You can fuck up your handful of kids. But you can’t fuck up everybody’s handful of kids

  2. A drone will fix that problem for you. We use that and GoPro

  3. *sometimes things need to fall apart so you can create your own path in the chaos.

  4. You mean being small and using less doesn’t save us tiny people any money

  5. Why’s the cat wearing a crown of thorns like our lord and saviour? 😹 Is it sign??

  6. After commenting, I was thinking about it, my kitty is my savior. From suicidal to content upon getting my cat

  7. Insurance is mostly a fraud in itself. I highly encourage insurance fraud

  8. this must be a horrible way to die if even death is like”bro don’t do this ”.

  9. Drowning in the cave would be lucky, getting stuck and waiting to die… the madness

  10. I’m for sure the blue text but some times I wish I was the grey text because when people say blue text things to me I just never talk to them ever again and some times I wish I tried harder because I still miss them even if they left me

  11. 3404 says:

    He'll definitely get off on this convo later.

  12. Every time a woman is responding in frustration like this, it’s what these kind of dudes want. Just adds to their “fun” and “excitement.” I have family members who act like this. Just total losers who were raised terribly. They never get the clue and their only excitement is shock value and harassing people

  13. What if the problem I’m avoiding is hyper sexuality and the urge to whore myself out at work?

  14. Cats are not stupid. They do learn. What do you mean “as a pet owner you shouldn’t even think of lighting a candle in the house.”

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