1. Yeah, that's pretty neat, but I think the composition is a bit saturated. Preferably, I'd tone down the HDR effects (not sure why you'd use such a thing on pixel art to begin with, but I digress) next time as the edges of the pixels are not defined clearly. Not bad for a dude who's been on here for a decade.

  2. Thanks. Where can I find a good Audacity tutorial? I'm specifically looking to merge audio tracks, for example sfx and music on top of voice. THANKS 😊

  3. Assuming that you have one stereo track for SFX, music, and vocals each, all you would need to do is to Tracks > Mix and Render

  4. Because that way I don't gotta look at nobody! Revel in solitude! Solo mains WHOO

  5. For some reason, before I started S1, I was under the impression that Jojo was a codename for a scientist who conducted research on DNA and activated his lineage's memory with "strand" technology, effectively seeing how they lived a la Assassin's Creed. Not entirely sure why I had that thought.

  6. After the 2019 patch, I experienced an interesting trait develop in my character, "Enochlophobia", which causes a mood debuff immediately whenever a group of players come in range. It seems to be tied with a lack of a certain cosmetic item as well. Very strange and I'm still trying to figure mine out.

  7. Charles Entertainment Cheese is an androgynous icon, who also happened to permanently paralyze one of my parents, and brutally murdered the other on the night of September 17, 2003.

  8. There are a few bosses. They're ridiculously well-guarded tho, which kinda makes sense since they're on the leader-board for highest [WEALTH] stats. It'd be nice to actually challenge them, since they have the same HP as other players, just more resource access.

  9. Got it. Economics, and by extension, capitalist whales are the boss. Brb while I try to mail anthrax to Bill Gates.

  10. man youre stretching shit so much to fit your narrative and im not sure if you even see it. i get your point but youre bedning it too far

  11. If your definition of intelligence is regurgitating words because it saw them used with other words then yes.

  12. "What does 'save as' mean? Save as what? It's just a picture."

  13. What does "save" mean? Does it need help? It looks just fine to me!

  14. Links for voice examples, if anyone wants to take a stab at it.

  15. And the worst fucking part is that conservatives all enjoy the benefits and support that liberals have spilled their blood for while railing against those policies. I teach and am surrounded by conservatives who started in a classroom day 1 of their career and will end their career in a classroom with no growth in their job at all. But their salary increases with a bolstered retirement plan, they don’t need to show upward mobility because the collective bargaining of their union has guaranteed them employment through tenure and a stepped salary guide that will increase their pay while never leaving their starting position, the enjoy the best benefit package in the state thanks to said union, and are paid by the collection of local property taxes.

  16. Most Chaian cartographers don't really include the North and South poles on their maps because nobody ever visits there and it's just common knowledge that they are there.

  17. I feel like this is the most intricately vague post I've ever seen on here. Looks like there's something involving a simulation contest going on and why they use symbols instead of numbers is beyond me. There's a large chunk in the explanation I'm missing here.

  18. I've seen a vid of that same dude, am convinced he could be with how many goddamn weapons he carries.

  19. His stand allows him to duplicate exits that are always labeled with A and B; one exit always leads to calamity, the other is the real exit.

  20. There are laws in place now to hopefully prevent that in the future

  21. a safety precaution, paging le moderinos. 50/50 this absolutely backfires and I get dead. o7, gg, I salute your impending annihilation.

  22. Sounds to be like you are anti-life then

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