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  1. Well, even if you end hunger, there is no guarantee it won't happen again, albeit after a long time. However, most diseases, once totally eradicated, won't ever come back

  2. Technically, the money won't be worth anything at all...economy as we know would've collapsed

  3. Really? I heard it as "Wake up Julius, you're late for your Senate meeting. Also, this is one of the most beautiful Ides of March I can remember!"

  4. Really? I heard it as "Wake up, Adam. We need to feast upon that sweet, red-looking orb that has been bestowed upon this garden"

  5. I once read a joke, then a repost. People asked me how I could tell them apart?

  6. Well, the repost didn't have an apostrophe at the end, and the original was genuinely funny

  7. Life is just meaningless on the grand scale of things. We're all just a bunch of organic lifeforms on a giant rock that all it does is orbit around a giant ball of plasma in the middle of nowhere and it will keep doing that for countless more billions of years.

  8. It was up against Witcher 3 which is pretty hard to beat. Idk how it is because I’ve never actually played it, but I’ve heard insanely good things.

  9. I love both games, but the thing is, Witcher 3 is much more accessible to gamers for all age and kind. Not to mention Witcher 3 comes after decades of games, books, and series, so it got a lot backing it up

  10. while drinking water and having a friend sing The Hiccup Song three times, each verse with greater vehemence than its predecessor.

  11. My wife reads constantly reads books, sometimes as long as 30 minutes a day. Should I leave her or just beat the shit out of her?

  12. I get she's not the best but she's given a lot of solid performances too

  13. Someone please remind the makers of the Oxford Dictionary that the phrase "a lot of" has been changed to mean "two" (Neerja and Khoobsurat)

  14. Wait hold on. You sure the development should be handled by Rockstar and not some company like naughtydog which focuses on story more?

  15. Foul Tarnished... In search of the hole in one. Emboldened by the par of ambition. Someone must snuff out thy strokes. Let it be Margit Woods!

  16. Mighty tiger, thou'rt a trueborn golfer. Lend me thy strength, o kindred. Deliver me unto greater holes. Well... a lowly Tarnished playing as a golfer. I command thee, kneel! I am the lord of all that is golf-like!

  17. Can we please alter the Plural to Meese? Goose -> Geese Moose -> Meese

  18. This image is a subtle nod to the fact that Op is calling all is gay

  19. Considering the fact that we all will die someday, and most of us will live through the next 12 hours... are you saying that life is basically torture?

  20. Amitabh Bachman - the fucker is everywhere. I want to see more old people quality roles but he takes all the roles He sells gutka shit too

  21. I really disagree about Ranveer tho. One moment he looks ferocious and ruthless like Khilji, the next he's the calm and serene 1983 captain Kapil Dev, and then he skillfully plays a poor unkempt and raw kid as Murad. He has insane range, and he completely moulds into the character. I'm alright if you disagree, just putting my point forth

  22. Well, i wouldn't say Health Ledger, as they both had very different characteristics in different timelines. Also, i think he did a good enough job. Saif tried something similar in Tanaji, however, if you just watch that, you can make out just how well Ranveer did in comparison to Saif. I still like Saif more, but Ranveer is a great actor imo. The only film I didn't like Ranveer in was Jayeshbhai Jordaar, which i thankfully didn't watch on theatres. Now that's a role where he was extremely pale and weak

  23. No that wouldn't make sense. Because MIT is University, not a college. Only people who went there, like myself, would know that.

  24. Damn it he's got us. His intelligence proves he's been to MIT, like me

  25. A golfer gets happy if he gets a hole in one, while a parachutist gets traumatized

  26. I think that's only for online... I'm taking only offline npcs

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