1. It hasn't been super effective, but the Internist that prescribes the Ozempic and follows my weight loss efforts is actually extremely happy with my progress "given the medication cocktail I am on". Since my post above, I have only lost 17 pounds. Better than nothing though!

  2. It has been a literal life-saver for me. Side effects have been fatigue and massive weight gain, but it has been worth it.

  3. Most Bipolar medications do provide some mood stabilization by improving emotional dysregulation. That is why, in spite of no medication being approved to treat BPD, many people with Borderline personality disorder do take antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and even lithium.

  4. Insomnia is very different from the decreased need for sleep experienced during hypomania and mania.

  5. Probably. People unknowingly invest a lot into first impressions, and if you are good looking people initially like you more. This isn't shallow, it is instinctual.

  6. I did call his clinic to say that there might be a concern but I didn't give them details. I don't really know what to say is the issue, and I don't know if I can trust them (not that they are out to get me but more that they may be part of a bigger picture 'cover up'). I don't want it to sound like a conspiracy, it isn't that, I don't know how to explain it.

  7. You can verify your records, medical and financial, with the hospital. Would that help?

  8. I did read over my discharge papers from each stay, but something seems suspect.

  9. I prefer a male therapist so I am not sure if I can provide the same perspective that you are concerned about.

  10. Do you happen to be on an Antipsychotic as well?

  11. It doesn't make me as exhausted as it used to, but it is still sedating and I have been taking it for like five years.

  12. I think it is going to really depend on the person.

  13. I was somewhat concerned about my diagnosis. I had previously (as a teen) been diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder and told that I did not need medication. When I was older, my diagnosis was changed to bipolar and I was told I needed lifelong medications.

  14. Is there a category for Clozapine?

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