1. Blaming Synder after a couple games is a terrible take. How about blaming the players that are actually out on the court. Let’s talk about Deandre’s non existent elite defense we all thought he had or how he can’t hit a wide open jumper to save his life. Or Dejounte’s terrible shot selection everytime he’s near the paint.

  2. Facts the problem with this team is that everyone really aside from Capela and OO (who didn’t offer much offensively in the first place) have regressed heavily, Trae is starting to show out again but everyone else is still meh

  3. Got him on my 291st TT win, leading to a total of 311 offline wins for me before I got him if we include CT attempts. Got Bantom somewhere past 110 CTO wins, for a total of <180 multi wins including 50ish coop wins and 15 unlimited wins.

  4. I think he can be a high level “connector” kind of player. Like Boris Diaw before he got fat but with even more athletic pop. The key to being able to live out that role in todays NBA is the ability to at least hit the open 3.

  5. If he could fill that Boris Diaw role he’d get paid big bucks here

  6. I think Jalen’s ceiling is a point forward that makes the right moves and plays on the court while also being a defensive stopper albeit with a limited offense bag. He reminds me a lot of Magic but without the hook shot or flashy passes. TBH though there’s no way he develops into that here given his role.

  7. I laughed pretty hard when I logged on and saw the challenge, they could’ve at least gave us the GO or gave the card an evo to make it relevant

  8. If JC can get his stuff together I think he can still go a long ways as a contributor for us. The worst thing we’ve done as an org in the Trae era besides bringing on Nate was pump faking a JC trade at every possible opportunity which I can assume shattered the guy’s confidence in our org and likely hisself.

  9. I used to crash land the US spitfire onto the carriers, fun times.

  10. We’re in the same club, just completed TTO and didn’t get Knight once. I think CT is the move as you are guaranteed a reward every time, whereas TT you can go 6-7 games without opening the vault.

  11. I’m 50 unlimited wins in with no Bantom.

  12. I feel your pain, and I play MT for unlimited too, but I'm having issues finding matches, which is why I went ahead and started grinding for the duo with no success.

  13. I personally like it as a mostly online player. The Galactic challenges are pretty mind numbing and straight up not fun because of how much the AI cheats.

  14. I absolutely despise offline because there's no semblance of balance, you either cook the CPU, or the CPU cooks you. Unfortunately its the only way to get Knight right now so what else can I do?

  15. TT co op. Only rewards are Bantom, Radiant pack and All Star pack so a 33% chance? It might take a while to get a bonus reward tho. Only got 1 Radiant pack in about 25 Ws

  16. Tokens and MT are an option too but for some reason it seems that Co-Op is the way to go for Bantom

  17. I ended up getting both Bantom and Knight last night. Around 35 Ws in TT Co Op for Bantom and 40 TT Offline Ws for Knight. I consider myself really lucky seeing how much other people have played without getting them.

  18. Yep, I’m at 140 TT games, 20 CT games 20 Coop games, 50+ CTO games and 6 unlimited games and have only pulled a cosmic pack. If I can’t get either by the end of the week I give up

  19. I made a post about this as well, there’s definitely something going on server side for unlimited. I even tried matching with a friend several times with no luck.

  20. Opal jjj is quility he starts for me then yi off bench

  21. Second this, I don’t use him but for some reason JJJ dogs everyone on my team on both ends whenever I go against him

  22. No. I was a huge Duncan guy, giving him almost every defensive badge on HOF, up until season 4 when they essentially screwed interior defense and scoring. Took him out and haven’t looked back. Since then we’ve gotten a ton of better options to run at the 4/5 spot. At this point your PF has to be able to move and shoot if he’s below 7 ft.

  23. At 140 TT wins, 20 CT wins, 50ish CTO wins, 6 unlimited wins and 20 tto-coop wins and haven’t gotten anything other than a cosmic pack.

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