IRS warns taxpayers about new $600 threshold for third-party payment reporting

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Are you being serious right now?

  1. I’m currently not in New Mexico anymore but I snag a part of it that flaked off. What am I looking for in the lick test?

  2. Bone is kinda like velcro on the tongue. Lots of little holes in bone, very porous.

  3. I’d be walking in the airport doors by 530 if it was me, but yeah…an hour is generally plenty. I’d allow a bit of extra cushion around the holidays though.

  4. I've been hunting out at Fort Robinson. It's pretty far west, but the cabins are pretty nice, the area is gorgeous, and there seems like lots of fun things to do.

  5. I’ve been out there too for family stuff, visited the park. It’s a fair ways from Omaha but I imagine ticks are less of an issue since it’s a much dryer climate, and there’s a lot of really informative and interesting exhibits about Nebraska history, if your kids are of an age to appreciate that at all. Think Wild West, stagecoaches, Native Americans, Oregon trail type stuff. It feels like another planet compared to the Missouri valley too, the eastern side of the state is dissected till plains with a humid continental climate. Over by Chadron/Ft. Robinson it’s Great Plains and semi-arid climate.

  6. Valentine Nebraska! Lots of fun things to do on the River

  7. We always did tubing and canoeing trips down the Niobrara as a kid. It’s a blast! Safe for younger kids since the water isn’t very deep (most years it’s knee to waist deep or less on most adults) and it’s beautiful. By far one of my favorite spots in Nebraska.

  8. Surely caliber has an impact right, I wouldn’t expect someone to survive 10% of the time if a .50 caliber anti material round hit their head

  9. Definitely. Bizarrely some of those small caliber ones can be worse though, for headshots. Mid range like a 9mm you might get a clean in and out with minimal damage. A .22 though, sometimes those go in and bounce around in the skull instead of exiting, doing more damage. I would think anything .45 or larger would be fairly universally deadly though, especially from a high velocity weapon like a rifle.

  10. Hispanic is the more logical word to use here, considering ‘Latino’ doesn’t include Spaniards, which is what Zorro is

  11. If he was born in California though does that not make him Latino? Despite Spanish ancestry? Hispanic is also fair but is Latino necessarily incorrect?

  12. These parks are dangerous and can be very unforgiving. I went to Yellowstone this summer and before going read an interesting article. In short it said "listen people, this isn't Disney, if you step off the path or try to get close to animals there isn't going to be a cast member jumping out correcting you or protecting you. You can very easily get hurt or killed"

  13. I damn near froze to death while tent camping in Yellowstone. Mid summer, summer tent and bags, overnight low drops unexpectedly below freezing. We hadn’t been watching the forecast due to no internet and it looked fine when we last checked, but it got REALLY cold that night. Wife and I both woke up shivering uncontrollably in our sleep. We both put on as many layers of everything we had and could get on, then zipped our bags into one big one so we could share body heat. We made it through the night but it was not super fun and could have been real bad. The temp didn’t drop until we were already asleep so I feel like not waking up was a definite possibility.

  14. Given your age I’m a bit concerned about the other possibility of type 1 diabetes or maybe a thyroid issue. You need to see your doctor and make sure everything is ok, health wise.

  15. Kanye knows Nick hates him because he’s black right?

  16. When I was working at a real job, in order to calculate my checks I had to multiply my hourly by hours worked and then figure what 60% of that is because 40% always went to taxes and health insurance. And I live in a pretty fucking red state.

  17. Because the rich with money can afford good lawyers. Those at the bottom can’t so they are easier to go after for that $20 instead of the $20,000.

  18. Ok so I say we all take it to court and self represent if they try and get so much as $20 out of us. If everybody did it it would bung the IRS up with lawsuits so badly it might just take the agency down entirely.

  19. As an athlete, I drink well over a gallon of water a day. During a hard hour long sparring session I can sweat out 4 pounds of water. It's a dumb idea to even try and quantify an "average" amount. It's not a very useful measurement.

  20. Feeding just alfalfa is not good for horses, especially if it was a rapid diet transition. That can cause colic

  21. Seconding this. Colic would be my guess. They need a vet to be sure since they must not know how to recognize it if that’s what it is. OP, if you’re reading this, that horse needs interventions now if its colic. Big risk to the horse is injuring itself trying to relieve belly pain. I had a horse that ruptured his diaphragm and died because of colic. They will throw themselves on the ground and hurt themselves.

  22. Asian lady beetle. You can tell by the white M shaped marking on the back. Considered an invasive species in North America, squish on sight.

  23. Lmao I’d be doing nothing but squishing those fuckers every fall if that’s what needed to be done. No need to squish, unless you feel like it. They’re everywhere and not gonna go anywhere, no matter how many you squish.

  24. Robin Williams. My wife's stepdad was Robin's Fed Ex delivery driver for quite awhile. Robin would open the door, chat with him and crack jokes. Robin deserved to grow really old

  25. This one broke me. I generally don’t give much a shit about celebrity deaths but Robin, of all people, killing himself broke my heart.

  26. He was mis-diagnosed, so he was treated successfully for a non terminal cancer.

  27. The cancer he had can definitely be a terminal cancer, it just has a better survival rate than the other type of pancreatic cancer. Around 60% 5 year survival, but his odds were likely less as his was stage 4 when they found it.

  28. Wait they can remove your pancreas?? I didn’t know it was an optional organ??

  29. Not really optional, no. You need it. You can survive for a while without it if you take insulin but it basically means eating nothing but pre-digested slurries for the rest of your life. It’s not fun, but it can be done to spare someone’s life. Or at least buy them time.

  30. So that means she’s had a dirty sanchez and given a rusty trombone?

  31. so we already know men have more testosterone than women. How does this study prove that T is the difference in sexual desire? What am I missing?

  32. By comparing women to each other…their sexual desire, and testosterone levels.

  33. That’s because anyone with any sense or decency has already left Twitter. I know I did. Deleted both my personal and professional accounts the minute Elon took over.

  34. Well, maybe not awful, but I wouldn’t want any of those houses on the main thoroughfares, personally. Too busy/noisy. Getting in and out of your driveway would be a nightmare, unless maybe it had a pull through drive. Still wouldn’t want all that traffic going past my house all the time though.

  35. That’s an area that could either be really nice or awful, depending on exact location, in my opinion anyway. Some of those streets would be a nightmare to live on but it’s an otherwise nice neighborhood, centrally located to basically everything.

  36. I saw a video of a stallion getting instantly killed from a single kick by a mare. Just one headshot and the stallion instantly dropped dead. I think a human head would have just flown off from that kick.

  37. Yup. Horse kicks are designed to hurt other horses. What it does to humans is not pretty. Will absolutely damn near knock your head clean off your shoulders. Will certainly cave in a skull, at the very least. My best friend is a professional horse trainer and the injuries she’s had over the years have been pretty horrific. Her horse stays at our place and I feed him and give him pets and treats but you will not catch my ass trying to ride one. I had a horse that threw me into a hill like a fucking lawn dart and damn near killed me so I’d rather not. Love them as creatures go but my feet stay on the ground.

  38. I've been bitten a few times by horses-- Awesome bruise, but they rarely break the skin. It's not like they're rabid ffs

  39. If a horse bites you and REALLY means if they can definitely break skin and potentially even crack bones. Usually they just nip you as a warning though, as I’m sure was the case with this kiddo. He probably got a nice bruise out of it and that’s it, but make no mistake…if a horse wants to hurt you, it will. They also kick faster than your vision can even process it.

  40. Why target them out? In 2019 only 8 “bipoc” people were shot who didn’t have a firearm by police. Out of a country with 330,000,000 people.

  41. Bet kids have some trauma from it lol

  42. Lol pfft…not long after this they had us all watch the twin towers fall live on tv at school. Forgot all about the rogue parade balloons.

  43. What is the purpose of this thing? Besides making hydrogen peroxide to release its spare oxygen.

  44. It’s so fucking weird to me that we are spinning in multiple ways and just flying through space. Mind boggling, honestly.

  45. I lost my mom when I was 12 and was similar in that there was a medication error. She went in for a discectomy and fusion and came out good. Was fine for 1 day and then a nurse overdosed her on dilaudid. Was supposed to give her 10mg and gave her 100mg. She went into cardiac arrest, then a coma. She was in a coma for about 3 days before my grandmother decided it was time to pull the plug. The worst thing about it was that at 12 years old, I was "too young" to visit her before they pulled the plug. So for those 3 days, me and my little sister recorded ourselves on cassette tape telling her how much we loved her. Then they would take the tapes to the hospital and play them for her. I never got to say goodbye.

  46. She heard you, bud…I’m sorry you didn’t get that closure though. Might be better you never saw her like that though. I’ve been bedside for a couple family members moving on and it’s not pretty. Unfortunately those memories really stick as the last time I saw them. Not them healthy and enjoying life, just them withering in a hospital bed. I hate that’s how I remember them but it’s always so traumatic, it’s the first thing I think about usually.

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