1. I agree, very interested to see just how close to the actual “barbershop” scent it will be

  2. which version of microsoft excell did you use?

  3. First game I ever pre ordered. Mom took me to the midnight release, some guy gave me the xbox360 front with the girl on it. And even though I had testing in school the next day I got to stay up and play the game for an hour. Still my best birthday all these years later.

  4. Idk man that just made out a huge smile on my face. Sounds like you have a great mom, it’s the small stuff

  5. Think I've seen this man's schween more than my husband's XD

  6. It’s called transphobia

  7. No, I think they just all agree there was no place for their suggestion. Not everything boils down to transphobia, jesus

  8. You saying “absolutely not” is not a good response for that argument then

  9. I said absolutely not because I agree with why everyone else downvoted - there’s no place for it. Now why wouldn’t that be an ok response?

  10. So easy honestly. Just hit the link from my text from dice around 8:30 (my time) Created an account. It input the presale code for me. I refreshed the page right at 9 and hit buy, my credit card info auto input from my phone, and I hit confirm and I had my ticket. Edit: I know it wasn’t this easy for everyone. I only bought one night so I’m not sure if that helped me out or if it was just luck. Still so grateful and excited!

  11. Ok thanks! What time zone are you in so I have an idea of when to expect the message

  12. I had the website up at 9AM, immediately joined the waiting room at 945 & was 1385 in the queue lol. that being said, I secured a 3 day pass at 10:20. i kept going back into the queue after it would boot me to the "on sale in 24 hours page" - dont give up despite how much ticketmaster sucks.

  13. What time zone are you in? Trying to figure out which time to be on the website

  14. His insta post yesterday said The Caverns specifically will be on sale at a later date. As of now we're all in the same boat on that one.

  15. I signed up for presale yesterday, but no on sale dates have been released

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