1. Take BEC next week would you recommend studying Budgeting and Cost heavy?

  2. NFP-Classification (with restriction, without), Investment income on donor-imposed endowments, services donated, program vs. support functions.

  3. Adding onto this, know how to do NFP J/Es and how to release it from donor restriction to non restricted. Also know what the Statement of activities and Position is for on NFP

  4. 2.8 and that’s skewed b/c my last 2 years were online so it was easier. Scores were REG 85 and FAR 78 so far. I was a lazy person in college and just partied non stop, ditching class and half assed everything. Failed most of my accounting exams cuz I didn’t understand it.

  5. I think I'm literally the only one who failed far who had comparable on Sims and weaker on mcq. I've seen people here say that we should be fine if we're comfortable with at least 4 Sims. Many candidates here pass even though they claim they leave Sims blank, probably because they get points for blanks and zeros as well. Good luck!

  6. I felt comfortable on 2-3 SIMS max and guessed on the last one cuz I ran outta time and scored weaker on sims . I got a 78 but I was stronger in the mcqs so that saved me. I got unlucky on SIMS and got rough ones with so many exhibits. If you can do good on mcqs and get 3-4 SIMS correct or mostly correct you should be fine

  7. First problem they are asking how much of the interest has been accrued but not paid yet.So From July 1st - September 30, interest accrued is $300,000 x 12% x (3/12 months) = $9,000 represents the interest accrued but not paid out yet.

  8. money and to have a stable future financially. Also cuz I feel like I didn't accomlish much in college since my last 2 years were online because of COVID and didn't feel graduating was that big of a deal or special to me for how easy it was the last 2 years of college so the CPA exam makes up for that.

  9. Go home and see ur family. The exams are important and your almost done with BEC left but if ya only live an hour and a half way that’s not too bad of a drive so u can always come back and see the specialist next week. Study BEC at home and then spend time with ur family! Good luck and happy thanksgiving

  10. Congrats on passing FAR! I just found out I passed FAR with a 78 and can second everything you said. I got killed on SIMS on the exam and scored weaker on them, but because I practiced them it made me understand the content a lot more and got me a stronger on MCQS. Practicing SIMS is the difference between passing and failing at least for me, especially on FAR.

  11. Passed FAR with a 78 legit thought I failed that one for how brutal the SIMS were

  12. Bruh. How did we pass? No lie, there’s no shot I got any sim correct except the research one. Mine was actually for REG but still. Shit is so curved lol

  13. Right, apparently my MCQS saved my ass cuz I got stronger on them but weaker on SIMS. There has to be a curve on SIMS no way people would pass if there isn’t

  14. I left feeling it could go either way, felt good on mcqs and got killed on SIMS. I blanked out and completely messed up my basis rules on a couple sims, and was overthinking 1 sim that I lost a lot of time and only had 10 minutes left on the last one filled out as much as I can, got an 85. I’m pretty sure the SIMS are graded much more lenianetly cuz if they weren’t there would be much less people passing these exams so take that for a peace of mind till score release

  15. Thank you for sharing this helps a lot!!

  16. Felt horrible on my SIMS, so many exhibits on a good amount of them and spent too much time on mcqs leaving me with 2 hours on sims . I wouldn’t really say my second booklet was harder but it was trickier because they gave me a lot of information that was there to throw me off in the second mcq booklet causing me to take too a lot of time to think it through

  17. Pretty much anything in REG that has to do with the tax portion can be a sim and will prolly make up all of ur sims. Must knows are basis inside out for c and s corp and partnerships. Not just the basis rules but everything about it, like decreases/ increases, formation, distributions etc. and individual tax is a must know too.

  18. I would disagree and say you should absolutely cover 6 7 and 10. Assuming we’re talking about becker, F6 contains leases which is a common heavy hitter on the exam, it also has foreign currency which is easy points on the exam if you know it. F7 has cash flows which also is known to show up a lot and on sims. It also has EPS which again is very easy points if you know how to do it. And F10 is half of the gov accounting topic which again, is a common heavy hitter on the exam. At the very least, I would cover the topics mentioned in F6 and 7, and would do F10 as well. Every test is different though so you could get lucky.

  19. Agree with what he said. I wouldn’t skip 6,7,10. I had a good amount of leases and DTA/DTL mcqs. If DTA/DTL isn’t clicking for you, then don’t spend too much time on it just know the basics it was enough for me to answer my mcqs. F7 your guaranteed to get at least a cash flows sim and StockHolders equity is hit or miss some say they had it a lot while I got one question. Same for EPS, I got one mcq but heard of others who got SIMS on it. And cash flows showed up a good amount on mine

  20. Partnerships, dollar value lifo, pledging and factoring AR, most of the ratios only know the big ones, non monetary exchanges. I skipped those and got like 2 mcqs max from all of those.

  21. Yeah that’s a good strategy I know a lot of ppl advise against practing SIMS but I really think they helped me out a lot. Definitely don’t start any of the SIMS until you are comfortable with the material cuz the reg sims are a lot to take in. When you get to B LAW, don’t spend too much time on it know the material at a high level and the definitions and just periodically review to retain it but spend most of ur time on the tax portion

  22. Yes REG is very doable in 6 weeks. I studied for 2 months but I was ready after 1 month but because I lost my license I had to wait until I got a new one and had to keep studying for another month till I got it. After taking it, I can say that one month of extra studying really didn’t do much it was just to retain everything till I take it

  23. I had a SIM on percentage-of-completion method when I took my exam on Nov 12th

  24. SIMS can be anything. But your pretty much are guaranteed at least a cash flows simulation or a bank reconciliation. Focus on Bonds leases, equity, consolidations, inventory, PPE, revenue recognition, bank rec, cash flows, AR roll forward, for sims

  25. Thanks for the advice. So it’s pretty much a mixed bag of anything & everything 😬

  26. Yeah it’s very random a lot of ppl on Reddit got bank recs and consolidation sims, I didn’t get either but got the cash flows one. Also Forgot to mention gov or NFP might be one too. I got both as sims so really hammer those two topics inside out the week before the exam so they are fresh. It’ll make up 1/3 of your mcqs minimum.

  27. I took far last Saturday, GOV and NFP will prolly make up ~33% of ur MCQS and they are really easy points. I think ur taking a chance if ur weak in those areas, GOV and NFP are only worth a small portion of the exam (5-15% from the blueprint). F2-F4 consist of PPE, intangibles, securities, Consolidations, inventory and I saw a good amount of those on mcqs and sims

  28. Free points but so far I’ve been able to find mine, heard of others who got brutal in depth ones they couldn’t find

  29. Farhat lectures on YT watch his video on governmental budgeting then watch his video on the examples he walks through. That section was all over the place and just memorization

  30. There is a bump from the mock exam compared to the actual because the mocks grade it base it on % correct while the exam is graded in some weird way. 2 weeks is a lot of time left to prepare, just study your weaker areas, practice sims on common topics, and know governmental and NFP inside out the next 2 weeks.

  31. Content wise it is easier because it is just a lot of conceptual stuff like knowing the different types of funds, the statements, the cash flows for governmental, modified accrual accounting etc. it’s just a bunch of shit to memorize and boring and it does have a little over lap in NFP with terms so it can be confusing mixing up the two

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