1. I genuinely do not understand why Monty x Sun/Moon is so popular, the #fnafmonty tag on Instagram is literally flooded with this ship, like how? These two characters might not even know eachother-

  2. The only time i have ever heard of this ship before this post was from a Deltarune meme compilation,so there are propably like,5 people shipping this

  3. Is cap’n an adult? If not it’s cool not my personal thing though

  4. because robots having complete free will and independent thought is TOTALLY something that has never been seen before.

  5. Heavily agree with this, I honestly hope he isn't possessed, I want Glamrock Freddy to be his own character

  6. the man sacrificing and being supportive so that the woman can achieve her dreams.

  7. That's not necessarily how that works. If you're bisexual, you're attracted to both genders, so having a crush on someone of one gender doesn't mean you can't still attracted to both genders. She could be bisexual, and her current crush (Susie) happens to be a girl, that wouldn't prevent her from being able to be attracted to a boy.

  8. You shouldn't use bisexuality as an excuse to ship Noelle with men, she's literally shown zero interest in men and has shown much more interest in women

  9. I mean like, it's not necessarily an excuse. If a character were to be bisexual, there'd be nothing wrong with shipping them with a character of either gender. As for canon Noelle, yeah there's no reason to suggest she'd be into anyone other than Susie as of right now, but this isn't anything canon, it's just a little bit of cute fan art depicting different interpretations of these characters, so I don't see the issue here.

  10. Noelle is still lesbian, you can't "headcanon" her as bisexual, Toby doesn't need to confirm Noelle is lesbian to know she's lesbian

  11. I feel the obligation to ask...why do you want this information...

  12. That’s doesn’t stop people from shipping her with Kris all the time

  13. Not really? They’re not a girl, Noelle would be bi or pan then

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