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  1. It was worth it for Breath of the Wild alone imo

  2. Why would you need to open it up if the ESRB logo and label doesn’t even match the original? It took me a split second to notice it’s fake, don’t even waste any more time on this reproduction cartridge

  3. First of all, you need to calm down. I can name just as many bad or disappointing games for all 7th gen and below consoles.

  4. By getting my psn banned. They delete all of your games, trophies, save data, etc etc etc

  5. Like I care. I still have my complete ps2 save data from the mid to late 2000s. the ps4 version ran like crap anyways

  6. Dude it's awesome. I played 4 hours normal now I'm playing the bike gang mode. It's even better

  7. I remember connecting my ps2 slim to my router using an Ethernet cable (I believe) and playing online on battlefront II. It was my first online game ever before I got an Xbox360 with halo 3

  8. This is a joke right? This is like the millionth post of someone posting a phony cartridge with the ESRB logo and label being the incredibly obvious indicators of being fake

  9. Ps4 port is underrated, its the same thing as ps2

  10. PS4 port was garbage. It would constantly freeze and stutter to the point of unplayability. I’m surprised I even platinumd it on my old account

  11. Are you serious? Why tf does everything have to revolve around that overrrated crappy game that sucks compared to gta 4

  12. GTA IV is better than GTA V. This is not an opinion, this is an objective fact. If I were to name all of the things GTA IV did better than V, I’d have an eight page essay. GTA IV is an advanced piece of technology that was so far ahead of its time that not many games, most especially today, can match its caliber in terms of mechanics, atmosphere, story, etc.

  13. I swear, if they add a transfer option and I start seeing level 1000-8000 players in GTA6 online, I’m quitting the game and sticking solely to story mode. They should force players to start from scratch, and bring back the level 10 max system from GTAIV

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