What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, March 18, 2022

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The Real Reason For Putin

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  1. Can you not lock up your shares by setting up a limit sell price of 10x the value??? Just curious if that would work without having to DRS?

  2. I'm thinking about locking up half of my availability and letting the other half freely play the market...who knows if we'll even be here in two years! Repent!

  3. The first one for visual only...I have no clue about the functionality or the quality of either tent.

  4. I knew that if I held out long enough for that Porsche, I could get a discount...just a year or two longer and they'll be giving huge "rebates" and "incentives" to buy.

  5. The $2.50 FTD calls on the 14th will be the holding point most will be fighting for IMHO.

  6. April 14th should be a crucial moment when all of the short positions expire πŸš€

  7. I got 50 calls 2.50 to help with that GAMMA Squeeze..

  8. Here, take my money. I bought a couple hundred shares last week before the market jump on Friday, so seeing that, I jizzed my pants in line for donuts. LFG!!!

  9. Which one is better to live in? I would like to move to E tennessee

  10. $ILUS....just saying, they are going to have a good deal of interest in their products after this. Good opportunity to get in early!!!

  11. Just bought 300 myself, let's see this bird fly into the trash now that I own some!

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