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  1. Doesn’t look like it. If so that CPUs more fried than whatever creature my creole grandpa stuffed in a pot

  2. The reason that pc isn’t turning on is because the CPU is trying to prevent itself from turning into the sun.

  3. Double Data Rate version 3 random-access memory

  4. Wants you to check out some scenery obviously

  5. I wouldn’t ever go to statefarms after that. I would report it honestly.

  6. Tesla updated the suspension on newer Model Y’s. As for road noise, get thicker tires and you’ll be happy. As a Model 3 owner, it’s not the most quiet ride, but upgrading your tires to something more thick really makes a difference.

  7. My pc over powers a console by 20 times. I barely need that much power but like, who cares amr??!!

  8. Tell us your opinion later on about the car. We are all very curious

  9. Post a closer picture of the PC I think your fans are wrong also.

  10. It’s hard to tell but looks like the lian Li infinity fans. Think he has the back as intake and the rest I can see as outtake.

  11. Virginity is a social construct. Calm down.

  12. I think if Tesla wanted this to catch on, they should have done it years ago.

  13. It’s not too late. ~1% of vehicles are electric. It’s either now or never.

  14. The CCS type 2 standard for all of Europe has already been put in place Tesla even already uses it there. This is Tesla trying to control the charging market in the US and receive government funds.

  15. Things can still change. North America still has chosen a standard and this is a good opportunity to choose the superior one.

  16. I can’t wait until car manufacturers can figure something different out for the front fascia rather than making a grill replica.

  17. True, but people who manipulate kids in that way often get very creative. One of the first things they'll do is try to undermine the relationship between the child and their parents or guardians. Cement that relationship in reinforced concrete and from there the rest of their playbook is easy to combat.

  18. This is 100% possible. But not as likely to happen. They are more likely to grow up and learn how to be independent with their close online friends and who to interact with. But in the case this does happen, we get another news story about it!! Wooo!

  19. Thats... not something to celebrate... I mean I get it, more exposure of Roblox being shit, but... another victim...

  20. To be clear and honest here, the news story’s are exaggerated. It’s the parents version of the story and parents are typically more paranoid about what happens around and with their kids.

  21. That's the sad part. Instead of trying to find a better way, people will run back to the way things were before when their shiny new toy is taken from them.

  22. Which is why, rather hoping for something that will never happen, cheer on the better things that are happening. Like the adoption of electric vehicles. The hype for them is good.

  23. Blue = math, Green = science, Purple = history, Pink = popular girls in elementary, Orange = chemistry,

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