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  1. an app would be better but probably exists

  2. Its meant more like a conversation starter and something you can look at and talk about with your friends

  3. They really could not have done this and made a lot of money. Glad they didn’t.

  4. Elite level snowboards/skis should be able to take pretty much any impact. I have a gap that I’ve been trying to land for months, but I just don’t think it’s possible

  5. If its on a bike you can use the foam bike if you have it. It can take any impact

  6. TheOldPotato did an stream where he did all the secondary objectives on bmx

  7. Hi. Could you please elaborate on what those releases are? I have been terribly out of the loop...

  8. 4000 series will hopefully be relised by the end of the year

  9. Doesn't exist since they want me to pay $20 for the equivalent of a new weapon.

  10. How do you stay in first person while doing tricks?

  11. If you do single tailwips and barspins you stay first person (probably more tricks you can do first person)

  12. It's not that it would bother me, it's just that mobile games with built in ads normally have that "scummy" vibe to them: "hey thanks for playing our game, here's 4 sh*tty mobile games you could be playing instead".

  13. I doesnt need to be mobile games ads. They could have sponsors like Nike and gamestop and stuff like that.

  14. Why did you screen record a video on your cameraroll. Good clip tho

  15. i got a purple ski and bike for racing like level 20ish now im in the mid 40s in both and still havent gotten upgrades for either.

  16. Yes you can get elites from lvl 40 and up, but it’s most common to get elites around lvl 50

  17. Surely just a comment is ok,I mean look at how many people wanna watch plus it’s rl sideswipe related

  18. Please dear mods let me se something on this page besides what rank or rate my donkey tw octane that looks like everyone else’s

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