1. also, if u have a wider foot, Adidas throwing shoes run just a bit wider than normal. they also lasted me 2 years only throwing during spring.

  2. The number one thing is do NOT get the saucony’s they have terrible durability and won’t make it a month if you throw every day.

  3. I ran a 200 competitively for the first time and my time was 34s😭 i’m doing better now tho i’m getting my time right

  4. How old are you? What your time now?

  5. i’m 15 my time is dropping to 30 but to actually succeed running big a good 200 time for girls would be low 20s like 25 at most and for boys a good 200 time would be like 23ish at most. This is just from my knowledge tho.

  6. If you’re a 200 meter runner, you absolutely have 0 reason to be doing cross country, let alone “conditioning”. If you prioritize one energy system over another (in this case your aerobic system), the other systems will suffer and be neglected. As blunt as it sounds, the 200 is a sprint event and doing distance running will only make you slower and weaker. Sprinting, specifically the 200, Requires a high % anaerobic usage. Weights will help, especially in terms of power development. My best advice is to stop doing general “strength” and “conditioning” work.

  7. This is such a 2022 relationship issue. It’s so unfortunate. I think you should try to be more confident in yourself. Have you caught him flirting or messaging any of them? It’s not healthy to dissect and investigate who he follows, etc. If you trust him, you trust him. If you don’t trust him, and he doesn’t respect your request to cut back on this behavior, then leave him.

  8. I haven’t seen him flirting or anything like that. I’m quite literally one of the few ppl he talks to as in 5 ppl max. I trust him it’s just one of the first videos I seen was a girl in a hooters uniform and the whole video was her twerking. It just makes me feel insecure.

  9. That stuff is all over social media now. Him not liking it won’t prevent him from seeing that kind of stuff. Like I said, if this issue is something he won’t change and you can’t see yourself getting past, then I wouldn’t drag things out. Just realize that he wants you. He likes you. He is choosing to be with you. I totally understand how you are feeling, but you can’t obsess over it and let it ruin your confidence.

  10. Discus the seriousness of why you refuse to go with your mother. If you’ve graduated high school I assume you’d be old enough to take care of yourself at home alone so you should also see why it’d be an issue for you to stay home alone to resolve anything in order for you to stay home.

  11. Fame... Justin beber used to be a. Ery nice guy donated to charity and was very understanding...

  12. well when he first began he wasn’t all that good he made videos saying racist slurs and making racist jokes

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