1. Tbh I just take orders that are over $6 and under about 7 miles. It's annoying if I don't get tipped, but as long as they're about $6 I can hit my personal goals for the night.

  2. Oh my I did this last night.. I literally passed out and woke up in a panic to a bunch of texts.. I felt so bad

  3. I’ve done it as well. Woke up to dennys pancakes the next day lol. Cool thing is the driver usually will take the food if they deny hand it to you or it gets cancelled so they get free food. Happened to me with 2 separate Taco Bell orders in a row. Both t bells cancelled the order right when I grabbed the food and doordash couldn’t send me the customers address so basically I got free taco bell

  4. I mean its your job to deliver the food bro. Take some pride in your work.

  5. Single fire Hemlock is so underrated and you don't need a strike pack to use it...

  6. Super late to the party but you don’t have to subscribe to the mods you can just use paddles to keep your fingers on the sticks

  7. Actually he says, "Ya'll got uber critted then."

  8. Brown is usually blood could be mrsa. But like the comment above. Go to a fuckin doctor

  9. Super glue a Beebee into his tire caps so when he screws that cap on it will press the valve in and deflate his tires over a couple hours

  10. Broken bits of spark plug will break windows of his car without setting the alarm off. Salt all over the lawn will kill the lawn and will stay in the soil and will kill whatever he plants afterwords

  11. Oboe gets you laid, that's the real reason, everyone melts on horniness when they see an oboe player

  12. We can all agree that this is way better than him getting shanked

  13. Okay so let’s just beat on a man who is non verbal. Either way wrong is wrong, don’t try to justify it or make it okay because we don’t have all the facts.

  14. And Im not trying to justify or make it ok. I’m fact none of my statement had anything to do with justifying their deplorable actions.

  15. It’s like that out here in Ohio as well. The constant abuse by “medicinal patients” to staff supplying them the medicine they need it ridiculous and not worth the pay we receive. Like I’m sorry there is a wait to get into our shop but you screaming at me isn’t going to get you in any faster and i don’t know if you have noticed but there are other people waiting the same wait you are but guess what? They aren’t throwing a tantrum.

  16. Fr what the fuck was that. Shoved him twice and made his homie slip. AND didn’t do shit but throw 3 of the weakest patty cake type punches known to man

  17. I have a 2 bedroom for $785 in Ohio, it’s not the greatest area but not bad.

  18. I’m out in Ohio as well and rent a room in a 5 bedroom house for $300 plus utilities and I feel blessed coming from the beach area in Cali where I was paying $3,500 monthly for a 2 bedroom house

  19. Some dispensaries mark stuff like this to refrain people from buying it, so they can keep it in stock for their employees.

  20. You are right about the mg in the cart but no clinic is going to keep product hidden from customers. The dispensaries are there to make money and hiding product doesn’t make them money

  21. Bloom employees tried it. They all got fired and now bloom is closed while they hire new employees. Pure Ohio Wellness employees at Dayton are also trying with little success.

  22. Yep. Herbology did it right. Put nice deals out there for the week. Well done for them.

  23. Oh yes, but I didn't have to wait in line outside cuz I had VIP treatment @ that moment my # was called & there was room inside for me & my service dog, all thanks to the wait list app lol. Just want to say thank you to you and the rest of the Bloom staff for doing an amazing job on April 20th, keeping the line moving right along!!! Take care and rest up because the next crazy shopping holiday will be Memorial Day weekend.

  24. Yes and she is a American Staffordshire AKA AM Stuffy(stuffed with love). She LOVES going to Bloom!!!. Wow you got a good memory, there are a few of you guys who remember my name and it blows my mind, especially with how many people you encounter on a single day. But then again I come in there quite a bit and It's kind of hard not to miss or forget my service dog lol (My favorite local dispensary). I remember faces quicker than I do names so I have to cheat sometimes and look at name tags lol but I'm getting there, I know a few without having to cheat lol. Did we have a discussion about heated jackets?

  25. We did have that conversation and I could never forget you two! Crazy we ran into each other on here as well. We try hard to get through as many people as we can and it’s getting increasingly more hard since the industry is growing but we should be having a new building coming soon to take care of that issue

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