1. For a variety try players like Isak or Schick. Or somebody like Kean or store Koller.

  2. Tried for very few matches. Liked it but not at the level of potw. But surely he is one of the best.

  3. A fun player to use. A strong left foot and physically strong. But that's it. Nothing much to say. Slow and average finishing. Mostly out of position to reach any counters. He can hold the ball well.

  4. Every playstyle activates only when a player is played in that respective position where it is activated.

  5. Wow, so would you say playing Kimmich as a RB makes the team less effective? Or will he play as an Orchestrator still?

  6. Orchestrator playstyle is not activated at RB. It is only activated at CMF and dmf. In this instance Kimmich will play based on his stats as his playstyle is not activated at RB.

  7. Nice finding, i don't remember the legendary version sporting the same.

  8. I find Malacia to be very close to Cancelo in terms of defending.

  9. I mean does he leave too much space for opponent attacks?

  10. Not really. But I have noticed sometimes opponent squeeze through. But he chases well and spoil the attack.

  11. Yes but it is hard to score with him though because he got no outside curler . He is really fast and good at dribbling though. Need to learn how to play him. Not as easy as messi or neymar.

  12. Ok. I was planning to go for Benzema. But heard that there isint much difference to base. So was thinking of Ito though none of the other players i am looking for. Then I saw that his rating is pretty low in comparison. How good is he compared to base Sancho or Dembele.

  13. Not sure if Rakitic is still out there. If he's there then get him.

  14. While you consider packs based on their stats strength, i consider based on unique cards.

  15. There is a huge change in gameplay from pes to ef and also the overall difference between a base player and IM/legendary in pes/ efootball.

  16. The Kiss Messi in PES was RF and was arguably the best winger in game even surpassing the long haired CP Messi.

  17. Sorry to ask but what's cp messi?

  18. An HP young Messi in Pes would have given Cruijff and Kaka some rest.

  19. Not that tough to use fitb like in pes days. Playstyle has become less relevant in efootball.

  20. Crossing? Then you have options like Dembele, Sancho.


  22. Under the wall fk is almost non existence in efootball/pes

  23. Got that highest rated rmf and rb from Malaysia pack,must say they are utter poor. Expected a bit better performance.

  24. yuh need someone to answer these rn so confused their was no maintenance 10/20

  25. I went for Seedorf and has to make 96 pulls.

  26. Before pulling Seedorf, did you packed any other EPIC?

  27. I claimed Gakpo, Blind, Kudus, Kounde & Bergwijn.

  28. Casemiro a must, best value

  29. Actually I like claiming those cards whom I have rarely used. Unfortunately I bought the base Casemiro a week before this version was dropped. So I decided not to pursue the NC version. I was also bored of using this card that I hardly use his base card now.

  30. I got his base card once he came to United. And paired with Ramos.

  31. Ramos and rudiger? An extra front man plus a destroyer? Disaster

  32. This is no more pes that playstyles matter that much. I speak from my experience

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