1. I haven't socially recovered from the pandemic. Working part time in mail delvery can't find community or a third place. I have a You tube addiction need to get under control. I'm going to thearpy and taking anti-depression meds. I should not relate to the doomer wojak meme yet I do. My ex social circles treated me like a spree-killer incel type. I can't seem to perfrom mascullity like my father. What should I do video essays haven't provider a solution?

  2. Ferrari sells cars to fund their F1 and Le mans program they don't work like other car makers. Whom need to sell high volume cars to fund racing like Honda or GM. Ferrari can sell a small amount of cars and still be in bussiness.

  3. Watchs Launch Control once now thinks he is Travis Pastrama

  4. All of these blue collar "American dream" promos are heart warming content

  5. If youre based in EU come join us! Me and 10 others still running a casual versus every week 😇

  6. From the circus days of early wresltling someone would mark with chalk on the ground which games are rigged?

  7. If the America watchs F1 or WRC Finnish race car drivers come to mind

  8. Ford Transit van would be my choice or Volvo sation wagon any model.

  9. Does anyone remember the Freedom phone it was great for YTP?

  10. It's a Banana well back to my space mining ship the toaster is being a real pain in the arse

  11. Your missing Florida death metal with having a studio to record dobule bass drums no Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Morbid Angel.

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