1. Sam Smith disrespected himself like this lol

  2. Meh. Sam Smith did it better and is a better person

  3. I Agree! The poor girl is wearing a fake diamond ring due to his stupidity. I don't know why it bothers me, but it does. Dean, do better!

  4. It doesn’t even affect me and it bugs the shit out of me!

  5. Miley and Ariana would be fun together. I would love to see Lizzo do it. Bad Bunny will probably do it at some point. Justin Bieber.

  6. Gus. Less to lose and he would fight dirty

  7. I feel like Jeremiah’s roid rage would go crazy and he’d beat the shit out of Gus lol

  8. I like Jeremiah and hate Gus, but I honestly just picture him crying again like he did the first time

  9. I don’t really like either of them.. they both are scary to me lol.

  10. I think my mom should go on it (she’s 65) if it ever actually happens haha.

  11. Yeah, I've thought about submitting my mom too lol.

  12. I hope it’s an actual good guy and she isn’t rushing things and settling.

  13. I mean, yeah… I thought it was pretty obvious that that was the actual reason (which is fine) plus he obviously just wasn’t into her shenanigans.

  14. Yeah their relationship has always grossed me out. He is so gross and predatory.

  15. I hope someone has the answer because I want some too! They’re so cute.


  17. I'm shook at the amount of people in the episode discussions talking about how envious they are of the museum sleepover. Nothing would creep me out more than being surrounded by dead animals in a super quiet building.

  18. I thought the same thing! I was telling my husband that I wouldn’t want to sleepover there 😂

  19. I wouldn’t (couldn’t) spend that kind of money on furniture but good quality stuff is expensive.

  20. Jesus God. Leah. I can’t take her seriously at all.

  21. I do not have a fistula and didn’t want one. I almost came to terms with having to get one when I got the call.

  22. Yeah it looked like it was just for ladies. Not that I’d think he would go if be was invited though.

  23. I’ve been wondering if they were ever going to get married but 🤷‍♀️

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