1. Genuinely thought you were drinking that starter for a moment. I was really concerned.

  2. It's not dystopian it's just another way of referring to a meeting but it's generally not overly formal and is commonly used among developers. Developers would "huddle" in order to discuss what's coming up in their next Sprint out which tasks they'll be taking on that day specifically.

  3. thank you for answering the question when i phrased it so rudely, you are a gentleman

  4. To be fair, if you're not familiar with it, it does sound a bit weird. But in reality it is much more relatable.

  5. And at this rate will continue to be partially closed every weekend until 2764

  6. It's distance until the turn. I've always assumed it was meters until the turn but it could easily be yards. It's definitely distance until that turn though.

  7. How else do you measure your quantity of custard?

  8. Try and avoid caring too much about things you can't change.

  9. The dating scene is tough, but I’m not sure many women would wait around for 50ish days … they might need to up their training

  10. I'm also concerned about the kind of person they're interested in. Can they not find someone to date within less than 1000 miles of them? What's wrong with them that no other women in that radius are willing to date them?

  11. They are also a Scottish band - Britain is only about 600 miles long. This leaves two options:

  12. That is a very good point. Maybe it's a super Mario situation where they think the person is in a castle on the south coast (Dover maybe?) But they get there and it turns out that she's actually in another castle! So they have to walk all the way back, hence walking 500 miles and then 500 more!

  13. I have no idea, lol. Their comment was somewhat vague on specifics & heavy on criticism!

  14. Standard fare when debating a vegan. State everything, prove nothing.

  15. Ok cool cool cool. I’m going to take a seat, order, pull out my Tupperware, pack up my food, and then ask for my bill. Bingo-bango-bobs your uncle!

  16. "oh shit, I forgot I have to be somewhere. Could you put this in a to-go box for me?"

  17. I am on the other side lol I will never understand why people love the yarn eating waffle stitch 🤣 it’s ok though, I’m at peace with it. I’ll still happily upvote all the waffle stitch posts!

  18. Oh I’ve done waffle stitch, and yes I know about the squish. For me, I very much dislike the process of crocheting that stitch, I do not find it satisfying to work on like others seem to. And that’s totally ok!

  19. Can't blame you for that. I'm in the pro camp because I like the repitition, it's easy to just go and forget til the end of the row, but we all like different things. I'm curious though - what would you say is your preferred "different" stitch?

  20. Image captions says cheesecake..... I think the recipe writer may never have seen cheesecake before.

  21. My wife and I eat Christmas party food and watch Christmas movies on Christmas eve. Main meal on the day, leftovers and cheeses on Boxing day. I like our system but I think there aren't really any rules on how to enjoy Christmas

  22. Similar here. Christmas Eve is our "picky bits" dinner and Christmas movies. Christmas day with one side of the family, boxing day with the other side eating leftovers. But that's just our way. If our families were further apart I'm sure we'd do things completely differently.

  23. Late to the party but here's mine - lentil loaf.

  24. If you get rid of Monday, wouldn’t Tuesday just become the new Monday

  25. Which is why Wednesday is the best option. There will always be a Monday, there will always be Sunday night dread. However. Wednesday is a shit day where it's equally far from last weekend and the next weekend. Without Wednesday you never have the shit day in the middle. After Tuesday it's already close to the weekend!

  26. A nice “good job” is fine. Imho. And unless your at the very end don’t say “your almost done”. A mile left is almost done. Thanks for volunteering

  27. I'd say that unless the finish line is in sight or just around the corner don't say "you're almost done" even if there's 1km left of a marathon, if I can't see the finish line that last 1km might feel like an eternity.

  28. If I'm near the finish but the finish isn't yet visible I'll tell people something like "one more turn then you cam see the finish. Let people know they are closing in without risking them thinking it's closer than it is.

  29. That's perfect to me. You're exactly right, you're giving information without risking being misleading or exaggerating but you're also encouraging the runners at the same time.

  30. What a privilege to meet the country's first honest estate agent

  31. To be fair, the estate agent was trying to get it sold. If you invest 15k into it expecting >15k additional sale price then the house isn't going to sell and the estate agent doesn't get paid.

  32. I don't mind the cheapest chocolate, it taste alright and hits the spot IMO.

  33. Weirdly I find that cheap chocolate is often better than middle ground chocolate. There's almost a curve where it starts cheap and good but at a point the quality drops but price increases and then a while later both quality and price increase.

  34. Ran my 32nd Parkrun and planned 32nd. I think I've peaked in my Parkrun career, I won't get a more interesting fact than that.

  35. When you really don't want to admit you're getting older.

  36. Do you have a pattern you followed or did you just use the dragon scale idea and make it as you went along?

  37. I start with a single scale and widen each row by one scale until it's big enough to wrap around the widest part of my hand, then join it and go from there if that makes any sense.

  38. Yeah I think that does make sense. I think I might have to give it a go and see if I can make it work! Thank you!

  39. Agree - went to Florida with my wife and kids a couple of years ago and seeing massive assault rifles for sale in WalMart is an odd experience.

  40. why not do a practice race in place of a long run

  41. I don't think I'll be able to get a similar race in between now and then but I do think I'll try to simulate that myself. Find a 5mile loop and do that every hour for 4 or 5 hours.

  42. When you say "would generally run 9 min miles" is that for 5-10 mile daily training runs or something you've done for a full marathon/50K/longer distance?

  43. How TF you remove deodorant with denim?

  44. Blend the denim with some water to create a denim solution. Drink the solution. You now have super cleaning powers.

  45. You have to inject it, duh. Like Magic Johnson injects blended cash money to fight AIDS.

  46. That's how you make it permanent. Along with the gamma radiation. Drinking it is only temporary.

  47. Doesn't the trash collector come every week at least? Ours comes through the neighborhood three times per week and each house can decide how many days they want pickup. Why would you need to hold your trash for more than two weeks?

  48. Oh man you should look at different councils in the UK.

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