1. Please listen to the actual “Watch This”, thats my first suggestion, after that you prolly should just listen to Uzi’s music in order, start with The Real Uzi (On Sc), and finish with Red and White. You can get into leaks after that if you like.

  2. Dude literally called it “Brah watch this” that is what the remix is named, if he listened to the legitimate Watch This why would he put “Brah watch this” instead of just Watch This.

  3. oh i didn’t know it was called that i thought he was just saying bruh cos the song is hard

  4. weed can cause psychosis in high amounts. it’s psychoactive, literally in the name.

  5. with red ice there’s at least a chance we’ll get it soon

  6. He’s saying he got sacrificed for Central Cee career…wild imagination but who knows it could be true

  7. I’ve never seen a fanbase want their idol to fail more than Uzis

  8. how did you come to that conclusion from those comments lol, and if you idolise him then idk what to tell you

  9. Y’all know exactly what I mean. Instead of people saying oh shit Uzi got a hit and a huge song y’all berate the fucking song. I hate y’all Reddit mfs bro I really do. This Reddit community fell off hard.

  10. saying the song is gonna die within months isn’t berating it, it’s just a fact. that’s what happens with every viral tiktok song eventually it’s not any different because your boyfriend released the song. you get on your period any time you think someone says something remotely bad about uzi


  12. Let's see a photo of the stuff you get for 200.

  13. Dl is still kinda funny but "lone" sounds so fucking stupid, it's just some forced shit autistic tiktok kids came up with and you can tell

  14. Clearly disappeared from the sub or discord cause he literally bought the song for 25k. Takes a simple search in the reddit to see that as well

  15. been here the whole time, it’s a common misconception that he bought it but it wasn’t him

  16. Exactly, idk what he was thinking. The first 6 songs on EA were complete garbage, I remember I was furious when I first heard EA until I'm sorry came on. I'm convinced some old head in a suit decided the first 6 songs or something. Everyone downvoting you are fake fans tbh

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