Graphical display calendar of her pregnancies: there is no way she has carried all the pregnancies: half of the amount of time they've been married. We know she had a surrogate for ML. We know she said she did IVF for ML. Alex said she did IVF for Miscarriage #2. Ergo babies 2-5 were via surrogates

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  1. Probably because she is not fluent in Spanish and Alec would find that out pretty quickly.

  2. Your post must have hit a nerve with Hillary. The post and thread just got rapidly downvoted by several votes each. I watched it happen.

  3. I feel like a total knob but is there a link to this?

  4. Click in the boxed area that says "More video evidence that Hillary socks at Spanish."

  5. This is weird. It is obvious that she is having a hard time, but there is this video on youtube in which her Spanish seems really good and natives are saying that she speaks well. I also looked for videos of her speaking Spanish because there weren't that many and it's suspicious. But this in particular is pretty bad

  6. If she is given the questions ahead of time, she will rehearse the answers and fool us into thinking she is fluent.

  7. I think her prayers are being answered. She added 353 new followers yesterday and 345 so far today.

  8. Wow! Never underestimate a pepino!! Amazing work! 🥒🥒🥒

  9. No, it's not new. Hillary posted it on Instagram. This video was done by Pepino Nation at TikTok.

  10. Hillary wants to be sure you notice her ring, her freshly microbladed eyebrows and her lip filler.

  11. Hillary from Boston spent a total of 9 days in Spain prior to turning 30. Two vacations!

  12. I know that number came from somewhere, I think an alleged family member posted it to SM, but that's an extremely strange total number of days for a family from Boston to spend in Spain over two vacations.

  13. Correct! It was posted by an alleged family member but I believe it. I think it was combined with a visit to some other European countries .

  14. Ugh, this is so gross. Is this an older video? I’ve never seen or

  15. Yes, it is an old video but she does have fresh lip injections and microbladed eyebrows in the clip which I'm sure she wanted to show off in addition to her ring.

  16. She only looks good from the side. She needs to start walking down the street that way 😂

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