1. I went to the Doctor for a check up over my surgery to make sure everything looked like it should. The Doctor told me my gallbladder was chronically inflamed and I had cholesterol pile ups inside my gallbladder where it stopped emptying correctly. She told me it looked like I had this for a very long time. The crazy part, since 2019 I've had the worst pain with lymph nodes in my neck I even got a biopsy to just make sure I didn't have cancer. I've been through different doctors and all of them couldn't tell me why my body was constantly fighting something which triggered my lymph nodes. Since my surgery, I have not had any swollen lymph nodes anymore, I honestly gave up hope before my surgery. When you're in constant pain and years go by, you kinda feel like an empty shell of the person you once were. I can touch my neck now and it feels normal and it just amazes me each time to feel normal again. I truly feel so blessed and when I told the doctor during my check up for the gallbladder she told me she hears about this all the time. I want to make this more aware of anyone who has struggled with swollen lymph nodes that has been seen by countless of doctors out there and each and every time the doctors don't know why it would be so extremely painful and constantly swollen it could be your gallbladder.

  2. Thank you for this reply, i was wondering. What was your treatment for your gallbladder?

  3. Not a doctor I'm going to tell you it's more than likely not cancer but hear what I'm saying. Always have it looked at and if still swollen after they write you off in a few weeks demand a ultrasound and biopsy

  4. hey, so its been a while since the post but here is the update. I kind of forgot about this to be honest but then all my anxiety came back. I still have a lymph node behind my ear, one on the left side of my neck, and one on the back of my neck. The one that i was posting about here is no longer ainful at all. But still larger than the one on the left. And feels like a different shape. I would be fine if my doc wanted to do an ultrasound, But i am absolutely horrified of local anesthesia and being put to sleep. So the biopsy would be difficult. I am scared of cancer and i feel so uncomfortable, i fear that even if it is not cancer i am not gonna know what the cause of the nodes is. I am noticing some stuff like me feeling tired at times i wouldnt usually feel tired at, maybe this has been ongoing for a bit and i just havent payed attention to it but im getting tired like at kinda early hours in the day and stuff. I dont know if my health anxiety is just messing with me but it feels real. I am so scared. I have an appointment coming up with my family doctor so im going to explain how i feel to him and see. But i am scared of more tests and stuff. Also, my therapist mentioned something to me about possible low iron or something since my mood has been very off and my anxiety has returned. Im worried that maybe if somethings wrong with me it caused low iron or something like that. I dont know what to do im scared ill never know why my lymph nodes are doing what they are doing. But the way that the one on my right side under my jaw feels larger and different is making me feel certain something is wrong. Alongside me feeling tired and yawning a lot more than usual.

  5. Also, during that time I had the hernia, the GI found that I had developed GERD, BARRETT'S ESOPHAGUS, STOMACH ULCERS and had Esophageal scarring due to the Damage/Healing over and over again.

  6. I had a pill stuck in my throat like 2 months ago horrible feeling , it lasted 2 days . No you won’t need surgery but you will probably be traumatized just like I was lol … I panic every time I have to take a pill , but you will be fine next time try to eat a banana or bread after taking any pill so it won’t happen again :)

  7. I've done the same thing before, I am 39 and have lived my entire life with anxiety, some of that health anxiety after a life threatening health scare when I was 5. So I understand. Sometimes we can manifest our fears into something tangible. I have learned to talk myself out of anxiety attacks, for example, but when I was your age I used to worry myself into them.

  8. So just for confirmation. there is nothing serious. And that i wont need surgery? thanks again for your response it helps me so much. I can still really feel this whole sensation of a pill in my throat.

  9. I could be wrong but I believe the feeling of it being stuck is a result of it being temporarily stuck there and “burning(?)” your esophagus. It’s not still there, but the area was injured in some way, like a scratch or something. Probably was because the drink you used was carbonated so it lingered in your throat a second too long ETA I have also found that taking a pill and laying down too quickly after can have the same affect, so I try to take my medicine about half an hour before I go to bed. Obvs if you take your medicine in the morning or daytime this wouldn’t apply tho lol

  10. Hey, im 15 and last night my mom gave me an advil liquid gel for my sore throat. I layed down immediate;y after taking the pill and i have had a sensation of the pill being there since last night. I have thrown up a few times.

  11. Oh no! I hope you feel better. If you were feeling unwell and wanted to lay down right after taking it maybe prop yourself up against pillows for 20 or so minutes so that your stomach is lower than your throat to make sure that doesn’t happen again !

  12. its the next day, abt 2:54pm next day and i took it last night around 11. Throat is still sore. Is this serious am i gonna die or will it persist? i feel like i t should have dissolved

  13. note" he never sent me for an ultrasound yet im just scared of the idea of it and im scared of having to do a ton of tests and maybe not finding out what is causing this

  14. Your anxiety does not seem controlled and I think you really should see someone for that.

  15. I know my anxiety is out of control, and i apolovize im just scared because i can actually feel the size difference in the node under my jaw on the right and the one on the back of my neck has been there for over a year and it all just seems to point towards something bad. My anxiety has been coming back ever since i got off my medication a while ago. I was on Prozac. When my anxiety started coming back i noticed these things. But i am still super scared because of this lymph node stuff. There must be a reason they are acting up. And there must be a reason that the one under my jaw feels like that.

  16. I am 15 and i have a node that i can feel and move behind my ear, one on the left side of my neck, one on the back of my neck on the left side, i have like some kind of lump that i can feel on the left side of my throat and i think maybe i can feel a lymph node underneath, i have a node under my jaw on both sides which i think they are supposed to be there, however the one on the right side is a bit bigger and feels different. It has been like this for a while now and i am so scared because in the past it has become sore but then the pain would go away. but i still dont know why it is that size and why the texture feels different. I am worried about why i have them and if my doc will even be able to find out. And evenif they can determine its not something bad like cancer or something in the nodes, what if i have something serious that is causing them?? i dont know what to do i feel so awful. I have had health anxiety in the past but i cant stop thinking abt the lymph node under my jaw being enlarged like that for so long. I feel like i am starting to notice new symptoms like i dont know if its just me paying attention to it more but i feel like my hair is coming out more. Although i did recently change my died and i lost some weight but i dont know. One of my therapists suggested the possibility of low iron too but all of this is just stressing me out.

  17. Regular and long-term marijuana use can make depression and anxiety symptoms worse, so you should definitely stop using weed. Only with doing that and allowing a few months for it to clear your brain chemistry can an accurate assessment be made as to whether you actually have depression or anxiety that needs treatment.

  18. I have been assessed in the past as i had very bad health anxiety, and i was given prozac. To this date i have noticed i am having my health anxiety return. Is this because i got off prozac and now the anxiety is returning? or does it have to do with weed and my brain chemistry.

  19. Likely both. Being off the Prozac allowed the previous anxiety to start coming back, and the weed use made it worse.

  20. Okay, and will my brain recover from the possible increased anxiety and depression symptoms from the weed use? as long as i get off of it.

  21. Worst side effect of the vaccine is a mild fever, but if you are anything like myself you are going to get paranoid about it... You can skip a day no problems right? Right?

  22. well it depends, is the fever a result of the tetanus shot alone? or a result of the mix with weed and tetanus shot

  23. are all the carts full spectrum? mine didnt mention that when i purchased and mine says 77-83%

  24. so should i use them all? will it help my game because my game does have a multithreaded rendering option

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