1. Slightly unrelated, but I read "Choose Your Fighter; Free Play" in each of their voices and it was pretty awesome

  2. Love it! Homer, Hank and Cleveland came out the best in my head

  3. In the real world, Stan, since he's actually a trained CIA(?) Agent. In the cartoon world, Randy, unless Peter wins by cutting away to after the fight.

  4. I live in the real world where men sell propane and propane accessories.

  5. I was already a fan of both when I saw that episode but I can absolutely see how it would work for it to get someone into Bob.

  6. I’m sure he was offered better positions, but Hank is loyal to a fault. No deal would be good enough to pry him away from Strickland, who introduced him to sweet lady propane.

  7. He also could have left with Thatherton, if he had wanted to.

  8. What if Hank took the throw instead of Dandy Don Meredith?

  9. When Peggy is in the body cast. It drives me insane.

  10. What do you suppose they do with something like that?

  11. He will BLOW UP that uncanny valley because it is his RECKONING!

  12. The Amish place near New Philly is probably Dutch Valley in Sugarcreek. They definitely accommodate large groups, but I don’t know if they do reservations. The food is terrific though!

  13. You’re wrong. Don’t you remember that the statue he carries around with him absolves him of his hypocrisy?

  14. A contradiction on the surface. But, unlike many, he has the discipline to enjoy those indulgences.

  15. They're total liars! I kept my mouth shut when Dean said he could read Sanskrit, and when Hank said he wanted a piece of him, I was like "Fine, whatever." But Mecha-Shiva? No way! They are so lying, I'm innocent!

  16. The "we don't use contractions in this house" gets me every time. Lol, what the hell?

  17. You will not use contractions in this house.

  18. "I'll tell you what's going on with our beer. They've sold it to the Japanese, who will change the formula and repackage it in square bottles that will only fit cupholders in Japanese cars."

  19. They play golf from rooftop to rooftop with balls made of rice, somehow…

  20. Initially I thought Randy…but as I was typing his name, it hit me…Stan. He’s got all the best tools…plus….college javelin

  21. “I guess that’s what the law requires.”

  22. Jumpin’ Crack Bass, A Fire Fighting We Will Go, Hillenium, Hanky Panky, High Anxiety, Ho Yeah!, The Son Also Roses

  23. He does say “our” according to the CC on Hulu.

  24. Hank actually fights like an amateur boxer. Subtle things (can't remember the bit) like turning over his back foot.

  25. He probably learned that at the YMCA, along with hitting above the belt!

  26. I think this might explain why "Rogers: The Musical" depicted Ant-Man in the Battle of New York from 2012. As Hawkeye said, Ant-Man wasn't there. But in Endgame, he travelled to the Battle of New York with the other Avengers. Now, as Hulk explained, that would have created a Branch where Ant-Man was present for the Battle, but wouldn't have affected the main MCU. Since most regular people in-universe think of time travel as seen in Back to the Future, they heard Scott's podcast where he said he went back in time to the Battle of New York and assume he was there.

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