1. The right part of her face (her right) looks concave because of how the shadow is drawn. Look at references of faces in shadow and you'll notice that the cheek does not get much shade. This is because it protrudes outwards so the cast shadow of the nose doesn't quite cover it. You should see an upside down triangle of light on the cheek because of its shape and roundness.

  2. I'm one of the people that rarely used references, especially when doing art works. I use references when learning (because you can't learn anything new without new input) or when practicing something I'm not good at.

  3. I suggest relocating either the cloud or the house. Placing them on the exact same place hurts your composition. It creates a lot of dead space and loses eye-flow for the audience. Always try to avoid putting multiple focal points on top of one another. Your rendering is quite amazing though, and I love your colors.

  4. The second one is so smooth in the posing of the character, and I rly love how you penciled her.

  5. Thanks for the compliment! I haven't touched other mediums apart from pencil so I'm glad you think it was great.

  6. Brighten her face more. The focal point should always have the most detail and contrast in it so that it can automatically draw the audience's eyes. Right now, the breasts are brighter than her face (unless you want people to look at the breasts).

  7. Hmm, did you use an AI for this? I'm not saying the whole image is AI generated, just that it was used. Great work nonetheless, I love the color.

  8. For the head of the figure I used a reference that was generated by AI, everything else is handpainted. The colors, textures, composition and idea are all my own work. I find it interesting that people can tell there was AI involved, which makes me turn away from using it as a tool all together. At the same time I get that comment a lot, even with pieces that didn't have AI involved in any way, for example this one:

  9. AI art seems to be the current fad; and there are a lot of new "artists" that try to sell AI generated pieces and call them their own. People like you who have the necessary skill to utilize AI in your workflow are the most affected by these people, because the use of AI creates a stigma and people may discredit you for it.

  10. Her leg isn't on her center of mass; she'll topple over. Try making her left leg shift a little more towards the middle, don't just draw it straight down. Her arms are also sized differently, her left arm is shorter than her right. Both of her elbows should be leveled the same, but right now it's not. Her left shoulder also juts out, move her left arm closer to her body. Her right leg is drawn weirdly, it's too short and too small. It looks foreshortened, but then her feet is sideways. Decide whether its in a profile (draw her leg a little longer then) or in perspective (then draw her feet getting covered by her other leg.) Make sure to draw the whole leg when laying it down, don't just start with the outline. Right now, there is no way her thigh and calves can fit in her right leg.

  11. Hehe, you definitely made it hard. Anyway, I'd wager the first one is from MJ. Just the sheer texture in it looks fake.

  12. All of them are my friend. I'm making this point to show you that there's more possibilities to play with than what you see at the surface.

  13. I kinda felt it. I knew it was a trick question because you literally made the imgur post minutes before replying to me. I doubt you could have found 2 other identical abstract pieces to pair with your MJ art. Anyway yeah, point taken (I didn't know they had a free trial, what? That's awesome).

  14. Hatsune Miku made me smile this week! Drew a sketch of her celebrating her 15th birthday. I also finally finished a 2 month long project where I created 12 whole pages of manga.

  15. Hopefully those snobs are rich and willing to support us handmade art makers.

  16. I'd rather not say. I am getting the help I need, the psychotherapy and medicines prescribed do their work to alleviate the feelings. I apologize, but I don't feel comfortable talking about it anymore.

  17. Then shouldn't have brought it up.

  18. I brought it up because I wanted OP to know that there are people fighting a similar battle with them. I want to give them hope as well as insight on how I personally deal with mine. Despite this, I assume I still deserve at least some respect when I decide not to open up completely in the internet.

  19. Ok, but then you're definitely going to have to imagine going to heaven and seeing a murderer enjoying it all the same as you, because you are arguing that happens.

  20. Yes, but as soon as they wholeheartedly rebuke their old self and their sin, they would no longer be a murderer. But, in this world people don't believe that true change can happen, so we still label them as murderers. God sees their heart though, and if God sees they have repented, they are no longer murderers in His eyes and are therefore accepted and loved.

  21. All the Abrahamic religions should just get together. We all worship the same God, I don't get why we fight each other. Muslims and Jews and Christians are all brothers and sisters, we should be loving each other.

  22. Pray to God first and always for strength. Ask Him to remove your thoughts whenever you have them. Be reliant on the Lord to save you, because His love for you will. Once you become free from PMO in a few weeks it will get easier to fight the urges. I pray for you.

  23. I honestly highly disagree with using your full real name unless you’re planning to work in a professional setting. I value personal privacy a lot, and it’s much easier than before for people to dox or stalk you if you’re not careful.

  24. Hi, forgive me if I sound naive, but what is scary about getting doxxed? I feel the same towards online threats. Again, apologies if I may sound insensitive or naive.

  25. If your address is doxxed, people can SWAT you. This has led to people getting killed. Other people have been harassed with drones flying around where they live.

  26. Thank you for the clarification. It makes me somewhat glad we don't have SWATs where I live, haha, nor that I'm nowhere near the West where I suspect most of these tragedies occur.

  27. Astounding detail despite its size. I'm just wondering if the reference doesn't have well defined collarbones. Usually there is some clear sharp shadows around where the trapezius and the clavicle meet. Also I think there would be some shadows around the pit of the neck as well. ( I think it was called the suprasternal notch?)

  28. My dad has been a professional manga artist ever since I was born. Every once in a while he would post finished pieces and some doodles, he'd always sign it using his real name. Some of those doodles are NSFW (just nudity), and he'd still sign it with his name. His profile pic in most of his accounts are also the Manji (he's a huge fan of Mugen no Juunin). Most people take offense from it and whining about his supposed insensitivity; he just brushes them off as ignorant, he never worries about it being linked to his real life.

  29. Does learning a new language count? I've been practicing Japanese for a few weeks now (I know very weeb of me) and I really enjoy it.

  30. The lighting is disconnected. The lantern is yellowish, so the light on him should also be yellowish. Also, a lot of tangeants are hurting this piece. If you could overlap some more aspects, they would probably help it feel more concrete. The lantern is strictly straight, and its edge sits directly on the edge of the canvas which shoukd be avoided. How about making him hold the lantern instead?

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