1. Yeah I’ve only dabbed with it, probably doesn’t work fantastic in a device with a coil unfortunately

  2. Yeah I was wondering my rig came with two coils one that's more a traditional coil the other has like a quartz insert in it I was wondering if the quartz one would work better

  3. Is there a way for you to post a picture of your setup? I can probably tell you the optimal way to use it if you show me!

  4. This is a fun drive between Zanesville and Dresden In Muskingum County. The road is winding through the hills and follows along the river with some great views.

  5. Wish I still had my driver's license miss seeing the beautiful scenery out side of city living

  6. Or just buy Firelands or Ancient Roots. My two favorite cultivators

  7. I use to love ancient roots but by me no one carries there flower it seems like anymore and I can't go to any other dispensary because they medically they took my driver's license so if I can't walk there oh well sucks

  8. Sorry to hear. Then obviously you just have to get what’s best for you in stock. Let’s hope this upcoming harvest brings bounty to you locally

  9. Yeah thank you one day hopefully I'll make a Friend and can check out pow one day or strawberry fields idk I'm also newer to Marijuana but am great full for sure

  10. Well that stinks I haven't bought from them in almost a year so I thought it was a good time to try one of my favorite strains by them is that why all there 14.8s are 117

  11. I just order a bag for 117 have yet to pick it up I didn't know what rough cut meant I'm kinda wet behind the ears trying to learn though but it's a 24 percent or 25 and was packed last month so should be good stuff hopefully

  12. Yeah idk I don't care about politics myself there all a bunch of liars they all sound like they care about the citizens but ahh it's all bs but it's your rights have fun plus with having brain damage I don't remember alot so I just stay to myself

  13. It was a swing state until the past decade or so. You live in one of only Seven Counties out of 88 Ohio counties that voted majority Democrat (I am a lifelong true Democrat and I am offended when I'm called a liberal). Those counties are Lucas, (Toledo) Cuyahoga, (Cleveland) Summit, (Akron) Franklin, (Columbus) Montgomery, (Dayton) Hamilton, (Cincinnati)and Athens, home of Ohio University.

  14. Yeah I'm part of akron but I have brain damage so I don't even know what iam so I stay away from the polls and let people who are smarter then me do the right thing sucks but I rather not vote wrong

  15. It is absolutely a Republican state. It's been dominated by Republican rule for most of the past 40 years. I've lived in Northern Ohio about 20 miles from Cleveland for all of my 71 years except for the four years that I spent in the military from 69 to 73, and since Reagan I've seen this state deteriorate to all time lows as it continues to lose population and congressional districts. The districts that we have left has been shrewdly gerrymandered by the Republicans in power. I lived Within Hillbilly Jim Jordan's fourth congressional district not by choice but by gerrymandering. This district is so unevenly gerrymandered that Jordan doesn't have to spend a dime to get reelected because the district is historically red and somehow parts of Northern Ohio all the way up to the damn Lake got sucked into his district because of Republicans. The voters in these neatly arranged districts for the benefit of the Republican Party are either extremely ignorant Hill Jack's or wealthy Suburban people who are doing well and don't want to rock the boat by changing anything. A classic example of how politics work in Ohio is our ex Republican State Speaker of the House Larry Householder who was indicted over 2 years ago for taking 60 million in bribes from First Energy( the company owned by corporate criminals who's name appears on the Cleveland Browns public owned Stadium). His constituents re-elected him to the state senate even though they knew that he was accused of his crime buy a long investigation including the FBI. He's stalling just like Trump and his cohorts are. And so that's just one example of how rigged Ohio has become by Republicans.

  16. Wow thanks for your knowledge I've live about 40 minutes from Cleveland my self lucky for me my road is made up of nice people who atleast look out for each other crazy how much the world has changed even to me after 40 years

  17. Don't feel bad. You've seen plenty of women wearing the leggings you just didn't realize they were called the TikTok leggings. Basically lifting women's asses off of the floor and making it appear as though they were gifted with a nice back side.

  18. The hardware comes down too LOL

  19. I would agree if you didn't still need to download crap all thats on disk anymore is the license heck discs use to be the only way to buy now with gamepass or the new ps premium I bet most people are playing digital even the future is showing us what is to come so I guess if you need a disc gaming is coming to a end then

  20. The smaller one is the Crafty. I have that one as well as the Mighty. The Crafty only has one battery you have to control the temp by way of an app. The crafty is much more portable that the mighty, but the mighty ‘s battery last longer and temp is controlled on board with a LCD screen.

  21. Oh OK nice yeah looks like I'll have to save up for one I got some concentrate to try my unicorn thing it's pretty cool but am finding out not all concentrate is the same I got some waxy like stuff that burnt right and some gewy stuff from firelands it just didn't seem to smoke as good as the certified but it was different think one was a batter not to sure.

  22. Try some old school shatter. It works really well in a portable and the price is usually prey good. Woodward’s had Grapehead shatter that was outstanding and was only $45. I think Herbology/Curaleaf in Cuyahoga Falls still has some shatter on their menu. Grapehead is one of Ohio’s best heady, uplifting strains hands down!

  23. Oh nice ok I'll have to try it I didn't know Woodward made extract nice I've only tried them one time well there flower

  24. Doubt many people I know even vote there all backwards I'm good have fun voting it's your righ😉

  25. I wish we could all come together and March from akron canton to Columbus they got 58 thousand signatures in Akron for a cop review board but does it really matter when judges let them barter there badges I just watch a documentary called bartering the badge and must be nice to have a monopoly get out of jail card idk I feel bad for all the family's missing loved ones not sure what gives anyone the right to take a life no matter who you think you are but we all answer to someone way more Powerful then cops in the end and u hope everyone that had hate in there hart to get what they get peace love prosperity if someone hasn't said they love you today I do even if I'm slow due to my brain issues sorry about my grammar I'm learning how to write still

  26. Thanks yeah I just got there gorilla nut 5.6 and it is just two buds nice to see actual bigs

  27. The Artifact/Galenas Blueberry Cookies is available at Columbia Care in Dayton and Monroe.

  28. I can only go to one in Akron the botanist I can't drive dr took my driver's license away due to seizures my doctor at medical connection was talking to me about hoping they start delivery because seizure patient people would benefit from rso but at the botanist they only have one so I don't get a chance to try things which sucks

  29. I swear some people are such entitled little princesses. We at least have one and prices genuinely aren’t bad at all if you compare it to street prices (inb4 you telling us how your plug sold $2 ounces of kush)

  30. See I keep hearing Michigan is better and have now tried supposed Michigan flower and it tasted awful I still don't even think it was flower had a weird taste and made me feel really wrong being only a year into trying medical I found companies I trust in ohio and with medical conditions like sizerus I'd rather have cleaner medicine and it seems like ohio is cleaner idk just my notice after trying what Michigan has still never have had anything like Michigan weed I swear it tasted like something you shouldn't smoke idk but I can't drive anyway due to my medical condition so no Michigan trials for me yeah I wish it was cheaper who wouldn't but I'm atleast happy after 20 years of dealing with sizerus I now can finally try something my doctor wanted me on years ago

  31. I like ascension. I tend to stay away from anything under 20 percent THC. Seems to be my sweet spot.

  32. Nice I'll have to try them I have yet to get them because it's normally always shake I've only tried shake once and it was old pal think it was the first time trying shake not sure if it was just me but I didn't get any relief so I haven't tried shake again since wish I could find some that is good because shake price is nicer lol

  33. I've never seen any case of suicide by cop where the person runs away from the cops. They're committing suicide. They're already low enough.

  34. It's weird honestly without there power point you can't even tell really that's why me personally I'm waiting to find more resources because I'm now hearing from the outside investigation I guess the clip didn't match the gun I don't know alls I know is I respect the law and so does my son and my family right is right and wrong is wrong even out side sources say cops are trained not to do what they did so time will tell not all cops are bad not all citizens are good I get it

  35. By weird, I think you mean it doesnt make sense. And when things dont make sense, I think we owe it to the victim and society in general to thoroughly investigate it and not just grant cops the benefit of the doubt.

  36. Nice yeah I just got the new like gamepass thing so there are so many games I've never played that heck I can play anything now lol

  37. I'm newer to sony I was always on Xbox but im.kinda stuck at home with brain damage would anyone like to add me on there friends list I'm more of a coop person I would love to get some friends going that's the only thing about Xbox I miss I'm going through alot of bad medical stuff so could us a fun group of gamers to help pull me out of my depression funk maybe if not it's cool figured it doesn't hurt to ask have a nice day day rest easy my friends

  38. So then is it 89 for 5.6 a jar so basically robing you and sticking a finger in your bum at the same time fun fun I'm not a big fan of there I so badly wanted to try them finally did just yesterday I got a 5.6 of graphed I even got a big ol 4 gram nug it is fresh taste is good but is not the effect a sativa should give and when you have seizure disorder you buy your medicine to help obviously so now I got 100 dollars of Woodward that I get to push myself through instead of enjoying and i bought by the strain I can normally always buy

  39. Woodward true trash I just tried them for the first time yesterday I got there main strain grap head I got even a big 4 gram nug it's fresh it's just crap nut sure why people like it I klutch beats them then galan then oho clean leaf then Woodward then Buckeye Relief but with the price of Woodward it really is hard to justify the price I get way more ailments taking care of from klutch all day long orange 43 all day is better then Woodward gayhead

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