1. I'd consider working for a dispensary, but from what I hear about the pay and the way you are treated, it isn't worth it.

  2. I've only ever smoked flower. Someone explain to me the medicinal benefits to smoking this instead?

  3. I m from Ohio never messed with Marijuana until last year finding out this is not a drug at all really I have a very bad seizure disorder and brain damage and am so glad I started to try this program most of the times you don't even need to smoke or vape the product for the help either its just pricey normally is around 300 every two weeks for me but ohio is a pay to play state meaning unless you pay some decent money for your medicine it isn't going to work that good sorry for my gramer once again my brain damage I've been working on spelling I just need to get punctuation down

  4. I really want to try this I've never played any of there games but I'm into games like this or most like everquest can't wait

  5. The endgame is perfectly fine. Great to play with buddies and suitably challenging.

  6. Sucks I bought this game at launch but im just now playing it I think it's got the division type feeling which to me is good sucks now I just need to make friends on it and get ready for the new dlc

  7. Even if your home does smell like weed if you are a patient I don't think cops can do anything about it. It's your home and you're are using your medication prescribed by your doctor. My brother passed away last year in my basement and the cops had to show up to remove the body and everything and the whole time they were here I was using my medicine. The one cop looked at me asked if I was a patient. Told him yes, he asked to see my card, showed it to him and his exact words were "carry on"

  8. Part of staying compliant when transporting within Ohio is the product must be in the original container, the Ohio dispensary label (the one with your name on it) must be on the container, your medical card and your state ID with you. Without the label, it’s no longer compliant.

  9. Actually use to live in riverside but I also don't talk to many people so I don't have anyone to call up and honestly trust is hard to find because right before I got my card I tried the street crap and got nothing for 150 so I'd rather get 22 grams for 240

  10. It is hard to find trustful ppl. Just for my liking if I’m spending runs 250$ I want 1.5 oz. If we ever n same area I’ll smoke some of my bud with ya. Show yu it’s legit

  11. I heard from a klutch rep that Dolce is a good strain for gamers. I wanna get it but its indica and im afraid itll put me to sleep instead. Im basically just a pc player.

  12. You should! I play the scout but the driller is a fan favorite

  13. As always, multiplayer games are always much more fun when you have your friends around, however, HLL can be a joy even playing with randoms (as long as communication is established within the whole team:)

  14. Hmm might give it a try sucks I got rid of my nice Playstation headset because I had no one to play online with but I'll use ear buds that have a mic for now until I know I'll have people to play with I actually have that game because it was free with ps plus my tag is GoDMeetTheReaper if you ever want to play

  15. If you really want a tactical shooter you won't regret it! The mechanics and gameplay are great. And the proximity chat/level of mic usage in general has led to some of the most hilarious and tense situations I've experienced this gen. I got it after being severely disappointed by BF2042 and I don't regret it at all.

  16. Thank you so much I'm definitely getting it now first chance I get been wanting it for awhile thank you and hey if I ever make it on my gamertag is GoDMeetTheReaper always down to play I'm a chill non troll person

  17. Nice score on the Klutch! I'm sorry you've been dealing with seizure issues again, that sucks but glad you found a product that will help. I like Klutch, but a few of the stains I want to try just have a little too much pinene in them for me. Yeah I'm kind of feeling the same way you are about the cheaper stuff It's becoming more of a waste of money and It doesn't work as well or last long, as the more expensive stuff. I just picked up dirty little secret(phenomenal) and concrete jungle flower and 2 concentrates from certified $150 at amplify on Friday and I feel it's going to last long then the cheaper stuff and are more immediate effects and last a lil longer. Take care😁

  18. That is so awesome I'm glad you were able to get something really good for a good price I have yet to try certified it's funny I'm so wet behind the ears on all this but I wish would of tried it sooner because when you find a strain that helps boy is it nice thanks for talking with me even know I get I can be hard to understand without punctuation. Is pinen that stuff that makes you jittery orange 43 did that to me the first day I didn't care for it but luckily it isn't doing that anymore

  19. Klutch is pretty good stuff got 22 grams for 240 first time trying budino and orange 43 and wow there nice and mix well been thinking about being done with the cheaper stuff it just isn't working like this is and I've been back to having convulsions but last 4 days I've been good I'm really glad I'm able to be on this program 😀

  20. Lower terps on the ground bud. I only buy Old Pal if I making butter. That has worked out great for me.

  21. Oh see I've never made anything thought about trying to make rso just because how much it helps but I can go through it fast so gets to pricey

  22. Lately I buy less grams but more expensive stuff but if I don't it seems not to help any of my ailments sucks because I shouldn't have a high tolerance I haven't even been on it a complete year

  23. Miles Morales is a second, shorter, game that takes place after the last Spider-Man DLC

  24. I like the northern lights but firelands hasn’t really impressed me, they are expensive. A lot of times I see their 1/10ths for over $40. I expect way more for $44 a 1/10th

  25. That's funny that's my favorite by them to but now I am having harder times finding medication that will help sometimes smalls just don't seem to work as well for me or maybe it's just certain strains but the klutch I got 6 days ago and is still working not as strong but by now normally what ever strain I get by day six it doesn't help as much unless I start mixing I normally go with a day strain and a night every two weeks sorry my punctuation is bad I can not seem to get it right

  26. Buckeye relief has had some strange pricing lately. People were saying that they only lowered prices for a month but I’m still seeing some stuff pop up in the $30-35 range for a 10th. Their smalls can be had even cheaper, in fact if your working with a budget and want to get the most bang for your buck I would look at buckeye relief smalls. Buckeye relief can put out some fire but their entire lineups doesn’t compare to Klutch/Woodward/Certifieds, buckeye seem to still be some kind of internal tiered pricing system.

  27. Yeah I like butterfly effect but I hate the tins they dry out the bud sometimes I use to like firelands especially Northern lights for my pain but last time I got them was tally mon and it was old and hard so haven't went back to them

  28. I just got 22 grams in Ohio the other day 14 of budino and the rest I'm orange 43 240 out the door

  29. Man must of never learned to take care of your stuff but I like keeping my stuff clean I clean my entertainment stand once to twice a week

  30. Check out the official playstation discords, or the PS5 community threads on the playstation subreddits, might be easier there to find people.

  31. I like the effects, but the taste isn't nothing special imo. But that's how I feel about most klutch CO2 pods. The only non live resin I truly like the flavor of by klutch is 043.

  32. I'm trying o 43 and budino from them now and love them both except not in the pods I get the flower

  33. Sherbhead & White Truffle. Covers all your bases. One daytime and one evening and all the terps you could need.

  34. Nice thank you honestly this is how I have to buy mine so I can be awake with my boy

  35. He said it could take up to a week to get my email

  36. That stinks the place I did it it took a hr and I was at the dispensary buying my first order that was last July I gotta figure out how to renew

  37. I’m assuming since my appointment was at 5:30pm I won’t get any access to this due to when everything was put in. I’m still hoping though.

  38. Yeah you don't ever get a physical copy unless you print it yourself that's what I did and laminated it to

  39. Yeah try rso my heal came off the back of my foot was addicted to opana but now I'm able to take rso is so helpful for pain and seizures and eating to

  40. Woodward is probably top grower in the program. You might pay a little more but it’s always worth every oenny

  41. Is Woodward any good I think my top would be klutch, ancient roots and only tried galanas once but second breakfast was good to

  42. That's a nice set up I'm newer to sony if anyone would ever want to play I'm more laid back and into pve to co op type games

  43. Yeah now with all this dumb laws now we're getting some crap out by me called thc-0 some synthetic stuff that's infused with 0.3 % thc because it's federally a loophole but hearing it's not good for you

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