1. ?? It's a job. Any job should be able to sustain the person working it. That is the entire concept of employment.

  2. It's a job if you don't like the pay you get a better one not CRY about how your not making enough.

  3. You can complain or you can take that energy and invest it into improving yourself the ONLY thing you have control over YOURSELF.

  4. I’ve said forever that the Browns should have moved Cribbs to RB and he would have been a too 10 back. He was never a natural WR. What a waste.

  5. If you think about the defenses in our division around that time Cribbs would have been annihilated if he lined up in the backfield. Imagine Cribbs running into James Harrison or Ray Lewis. No way he would have lasted a season. Not on those Browns teams.

  6. What lol I never even got one the first time, just a shitty apology and a $30 VISA gift card 4 weeks later

  7. Yes.. please tell us what the problem with the product was.

  8. The company that developed CCell is Jupiter research. Looks like the ccell branded site doesn't list the full array of products. The jupiter research site does, however.

  9. Because they price according to THC % this leads to inflated test numbers and lab shopping.

  10. Songs about losing someone unexpectedly? Metal has got me through a lot of tough times in life but this is new. Best I have found so far is Rose of Sharyn by Killswitch Engage. Thanks.

  11. I’ve been boycotting for 2 years, time to man up boys, enough is enough…

  12. Overpriced. Support another brand who prices lower let this sit in the vault till dispensary realizes they charge too much and next batch will be cheaper.

  13. If I'm reading this right, moon rocks are now illegal.

  14. They were overpriced anyway and best described by another poster as "you'll get b grade nugs dipped in 4th press rosin dusted in trim bin kief"

  15. Won't force them to do anything. Bet you see it with a few dollars added on at minimum. Probably be able to count on 1 hand all the dispensaries that will actually list it for 200

  16. They actually have the right to sell door to door. As long as they are good with the consequences….

  17. Had this years ago from POW and it tasted like air. They must have not been impressed either as it was never brought back.

  18. If you nervous about it I have a whizzinator touch I never used for sale pm me if interested

  19. The board is doing it's own satisfaction survey with the companies; How can we help you make more money?

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