1. Tankies when they realize most good things in the USSR came from Ukrainians.

  2. Enough commie spam hates communists. I wouldn’t exactly call them extreme leftists.

  3. but isnt fairy good against fighting types?

  4. you mean this pic of an MT-LB sideways in a lorry?

  5. At this stage anyone still supporting Russia isn't going to be convinced against that by any amount of evidence. Good luck tho, at least it'll be funny to find out how they pretzel around that one I guess

  6. Not a Russian supporter, just a humorous anecdote

  7. Gold is essentially infinitely dividable. Obviously we wouldn't trade the physical gold, we're talking about a gold backed currency.

  8. Good luck getting people to trust that individual grains of gold dust are as big as a trader says they are.

  9. Im sure there were some western NGOs involved, and some people who were acting in bad faith or had pernicious motives, but the people who say that Maidan was a western backed coup while defending the 2014 hybrid warfare invasion by Russia are hilariously up their own ass.

  10. This is very nice. Aesthetics are top tier and coverage looks good at least at the equator. Maybe throw a couple in random geosynchronous polar orbits so that the poles also get coverage. Also later on your gonna want to add new comm sats with higher strength antennas for long distance comma that are blocked from reaching the ksp due to kerbin being in the way. Overall I’d say this is a fantastic start.

  11. I usually put three small relays around the equator and two big relays in high polar orbits. Coverage is nearly 100% at all times and the large polar relays are strong enough to reach other planets with no chance of being blocked

  12. It’s an edit with 2 ads actually:

  13. They’re never going to stop. Putin will destroy his entire economy and social infrastructure before he gives up and admits defeat. He will probably die or be overthrown before we see a white flag.

  14. Some advice Putin should have taken from himself of 2 decades ago: “If you run a country for more than 7 years you go insane.”

  15. yeah the tokomak at my place is held together with literal duct tape

  16. Even tho I was rooting for the Navi in theaters, that sequence went super fucking hard.

  17. After listening to the perun episode on this, I cant wait for America to make a 7th gen fighter that they call a 6th generation fighter before any other country or even the US navy finishes their 6th gen fighter a decade later.

  18. Least delusional and least ‘wishing for death’ fascist

  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5hX0RdD34s

  20. Yes. Specifically he said the sioux should have fought harder. The sioux who checks notes fucking decimated Custer and in general gave the US army a run for its money

  21. Custercels cope and seethe over Sitting chads

  22. But they have the technology to clone/engineer Pandora life. Get a few samples and ship that shit back to earth.

  23. Pandora’s atmosphere and Earths are different. Plus imagine the capital start up costs of that.

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