1. Audits are extremely difficult for low income citizens to complete without the help of an accountant due to all of the documents that must be produced to the IRS for the audit. Many times someone will be completely innocent but unable to produce some random tax form from 4 years ago causing them to fail the audit. Lets be clear, the ruling class with their armies of accountants ready to take advantage of any and every tax loophole are definitely NOT as negatively affected by an audit as someone making $75k or less per year.

  2. I do my taxes correctly each year, we’ve been doing them ten to fifteen years now (those of use still under 75k). Actually in preparation for an audit, because we were led to believe you got audited if you lied.

  3. I feel like these updates should just stop.

  4. And he burned these decades of work to the ground. Bro I can't even listen to Gloryhammer anymore because I feel bad

  5. Nothing he does now can affect his past work. Whether you decide to listen to it anymore or not is up to you but I believe there should be a place for people to discuss Kanye’s discography and accomplishments as an artist while also condemning his current anti semitism.

  6. The sub does not need to be closed. People can discuss and enjoy Kanye’s discography while also condemning his current shift towards anti semitism. No matter what Kanye says or does now his legacy as an artist will always be amazing and there should be a place dedicated to discussing it. I can’t see any good reason why the sub should be completely closed as long as there is proper moderation.

  7. I don’t understand how someone who looks like him thinks the white race is superior. Like dude have you looked in a mirror 🤮. I’m starting to think he’s an incel not by choice.

  8. I mean the definition of incel is involuntary celibate. He’s proud that no woman would ever even consider him romantically

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