1. Minecraft Story Mode is getting a fully-animated remake! More characters, more seasons, and more epic adventures!

  2. Well, that certainly happened. A classic “x was never y” trope. Gonna give this a 4.5/10.

  3. I see melon. I know it will play a role.

  4. Fozzie when he sees any sign of a melon: Write that down!

  5. Starlight Drive-In. Too many corpses to clean, and I take a lotta rads.

  6. I wonder what the Time magazine was going to be used for in terms of concepts.

  7. Welp, this is going in the nightmares tonight collection.

  8. Cook cook is up there but do you remember the head slaver of paradise falls and what he possibly had to do to Clover to make her the way she is? I think that guy would be worse than cook cook

  9. I’m probably giving it to Esther as well. She starts out in a saloon, gets a vacuum, gets sucked into that vacuum, gets turned into sausages, and then those sausages get canned.

  10. Dude, i said i am posting these memes until Death Battle removes the comment section for Pokemon v Digimon.

  11. I appreciate a good daily meme series, but this is not that funny, i’mma be honest.

  12. Oswald the Outrageous from Nuka-World has smoke bombs, but you don’t see him run away from the smoke, instead he seemingly just teleports.

  13. They made one for Meggy, so sky’s the limit.

  14. After slaying every raider in Nuka-World, the traders decided it was a no-pants kinda day.

  15. Summer, where do we begin, from the 2nd dimension.

  16. I do. I play a sort of vigilante messiah of the wasteland, so of course I do good karma acts.

  17. I guess you could say this is a mystery snack!

  18. Bees aren’t actually that harmful. Just don’t scare ‘em too much.

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