1. Happy New Year!! Always happy to hear your music, have a good 2023 :3

  2. I feel you. Sometimes i wonder if people on youtube have Superstrength, the way they pull some cables out. Ahem

  3. G4 Cube molex connector for the HDD I feel was hammered in by Thor himself, you need the strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger to get that little shit out...

  4. Coil whine is really normal with power supplies, especially with ones this old. So I wouldn't be worried

  5. It makes this noise only when computer is plugged in and powered off or in sleep mode, noise gets louder when white LED lights up brighter, but while up and running noise stops

  6. I've had a Core Duo Early 2006 iMac that has been doing the same exact thing for nearly 5 years now and it's still going strong, so unless it specifically bothers you I really wouldn't put much thought to it

  7. How'd you get eccojams? Was there like a drop or is it a custom boot or wha?

  8. I know this is an old thread but I really love this Luke Slater song too and am looking for similar songs to it. So far though I can only really suggest Shell of Light and Ghost Hardware by Burial as songs that give off that kinda vibe...

  9. Just pay for premium or deal with the ads.

  10. Just got the OG 2012 pressing in January this year. Absolutely amazing album. However beautiful the new reshot cover is, I much prefer the original one. Sounds wonderful, I'd imagine the new one does too. Kinda sad that neither version is a gatefold, but it is what it is.

  11. https://necotapes.bandcamp.com/album/until-you-fall-asleep-25-oclock

  12. Is there a chance that this is a fan made song? Where did you find the video clip?

  13. The selector switch can be a big troublemaker on these older Marantz receivers, I've had the exact same issue with my 2216b, highly recommend popping the hood and giving the switch itself a good deoxit spray. I would also recommend replacing the bulbs with LED ones, It'll run cooler and last way longer!

  14. Can you use the TiBook dual screen? Looking to pick up a DVI to HDMI adapter for mine and want to know your experience.

  15. You absolutely can! Both mirroring and display extending work fine, not sure if you could get native resolution, I had a few issues getting my 1366x768. But you can use DisplayConfigX to get native resolution regardless, so it doesn't make much difference!

  16. telegram works for me, i don't know why i just downloaded it from app store and it works

  17. Telegram works if you were logged in previously, perhaps you had it before and it saved the data?

  18. "most people" is highly dependent on country and friend group, but you can always text people - at least in australia, most phone plans come with unlimited SMS if your friends don't have iPhones

  19. SMS is good and I would use it, but MMS is broken and just does not work on my phone, which makes it a dealbreaker for me...

  20. Not really. You can warm it with a hair dryer and try to shake it loose so it falls fully, but this is a REAL common malady on the Aluminum G4's and early-to-08 MacBook Pros. I have a mint 17" MBP with the same issue. Easier to open the lid and not risk damaging with heat.

  21. Never thought, I'd see Elitni Odredi on this subreddit. Not my cup of tea, but keep on enjoying them with the iPod!

  22. I love Death Grips too much to butcher a record of theirs like this 😭

  23. It's using an AT3600L, which is essentially the same cartridge as the Rega Carbon which ships with Rega's Planar 1, a 400$ turntable. Sure, the audio quality between the two cannot compare, but you have to be fucking mentally deluded to think that this would do any form of harm to a record. Even certified audio snob Michael Fremer acknowledged that...

  24. I think I was using Ircle in that era. TBF if I still used IRC and there was a Big Sur compatible version, I’d probably still use Ircle.

  25. What about Adium? It's pretty much the standard. Has IRC.

  26. I tried the oldest version and could not find IRC in the list of supported protocols, perhaps if I installed a plugin?

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