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  1. alot of my friends use it when they are talking about their height but other then that no

  2. Utilize smoke grenades to push, especially in breakthrough. Use the spawn beacon and spotting grenades when you unlock them. Play angel or falck to revive your teammates. Irish's cover and grenade deleter can also be really helpful.

  3. I've tried using helicopter controls and I absolutely hate them I've tried changing the settings and testing it out in solo bot games but I'm not that good at it

  4. Are you playing on KB&M or controller? This is my 1st proper BF and I can completely relate to the flight controls feeling like arse on my first few tries but it all comes down to practice.

  5. controller, like i said in my other comment ive tired changing them. i tried to make them more like another game that i play that has helicopters in them but then i gave up for now.

  6. Yeah it was the Dlc’s you could (and still can I believe) see the lights off the coast for Lacrima and the Stingray, if you get the land air and sea dlc pack this will be fixed

  7. yeah its that that happened to me i could see the lights of the dlc locations but i didn't have the dlcs and now i do so you can still see them but i dont know if its a 100% thing or not

  8. I wouldn't remake either of them, but JC2 could use a remaster. Jc3 pretty much still plays as a modern game.

  9. yeah same i'd prefer for them to focus on JC5 and if i'm to guess when we might hear anything about it id say maybe in the next 2 or 3 years and i also feel like it would be the either the last JC or the last JC game to have Rico and the next could do be a spin off series.

  10. JC1 and 2 could do with a remake but JC3 having a remake is stupid it doesn't really need a remake its also only 7 years old. could it do with a bug fix or whatever instead? maybe but it doesn't deserve a remake unlike JC1 and 2.

  11. can someone explain this to me i dont know what it is?

  12. I believe it is the "Call to Axe-tion" event

  13. Oh that thing I just got the free reward and left it as that since I want going to be able to do the challenges

  14. My kid's school still sells them at the canteen and they love them. However I cannot find them at woolies, Coles etc.. or even online. Wonder how the school still gets them.

  15. I want to buy them as well my friends mum somehow is able to buy them but I have no idea where you can get them from

  16. They were in the pre-debating buffet at my school, and since the other stuff was really good no one had them. One time I dared my ex to eat them. Apparently they sucked.

  17. I'm a new player and I quite emjoy the game but I do have some issues with it

  18. sandstorm is coming in a few days (29th i think) to game pass

  19. I love it but I've only been playing the game for a day or two

  20. i got this game with game pass and im enjoying it

  21. have you played any fallout game? i recommend all of them, 3, new vegas (amazing story), 4 (amazing gameplay), 76 (regardless of the hate its an awesome multiplayer game that has improved with updates)

  22. yeah in 76 the community is very nice and alot of new players really like the game so its worth a try and you can get the fallout games on game pass

  23. same thing happens to me with other games

  24. I bought it for that price and I love it. I love open world Fps games and i enjoyed the setting.

  25. i brought Homefront The Revolution for a dollar after watching a video about it thought it might be interesting and i really haven't been able to get into it but then again ive only probably played like 1 or so hours of it

  26. my ranking goes 3,4,1 still have yet to buy 2 but i will at some point so i agree with your raking

  27. this one is a PAIN its bugged because right at the end if you get out like normal your car explodes to soon and you dont get all 5 stars i had to search this up and do some sort of trick to do it

  28. i hate the train escort its so buggy trying to get into it and most of the time you can just blitz the objective and it sucks if you have a xp boost and that happens

  29. Just Cause 3 yeah it does have a story but each mission isnt long and after some time doing a few basic missions you can just open up the game cause some chaos, liberate a town or military base, do some gear challenges or whatever and then close the game with out any impact to the story. Just Cause 3 isnt on game pas but Just Cause 4 is but i highly recommend playing JC3 first.

  30. ive used them once and i just forget about them

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