1. If you watch closely, he does check first but a split second once he finishes, she places her hand there lol

  2. You're right, he does take a quick look. But slamming the hood does still feel weird. I can't count the amount of times I've been told or heard someone being told not to slam it, you always close it carefully.

  3. True, slamming is not very responsible for both the safety of everyone and the preservation of the car itself. Though in fairness, the same should be said for the woman, I have heard many times a lesson to children on hazards and such.

  4. Sounds pretty cringe. I’m happy with my wife. I hope you get your ass fucked or fuck an ass. Whatever makes you happy.

  5. Owl is great. Just wait until you get to the Sword Saint. Probably one of the best fights in all of the Fromsoft games.

  6. one of the best fights in gaming tbh. that was my absolute favourite boss fight oat

  7. Bruh you're talking to a jeweller, i don't understand how people use anecdotal shit to try and argue against a professional lol

  8. don’t even think he was trying to argue? seems more like he was just contributing to the conversation with his personal experience or correlations that he can make with the original comment

  9. Style. Also some people are dodge heavy against any sign of animation from HL

  10. yes, a tip (that is a lil situational I might add) for his os that I have learned is that his forward dodge in os looks similar to a kick and you can catch them dodging with a grab or well timed kick

  11. kensei should definitely get gb on any directional superior dodge, especially when his dodge attack on superior dodge ain’t even confirmed smh

  12. It was all good until I saw the ring tumble behind his hand at the end.

  13. I see you wearing the ring on the other hand on that last one haha. Was slick tho

  14. Yes and anyone who can do 5000 pull ups is probably juicing.

  15. can that not be achieved naturally? it was over the course of 17 hours and he was allowed breaks as long as he wanted

  16. warrior trials could probably help otherwise I might be available from time to time

  17. I mean sure I get that but PS5 is new gen, has a great refresh rate, and I still can't get over how cool the remote is. I'm not faulting your logic, just offering a potential solution so you can keep your progress.

  18. No for Honor doesn't do stuff like that although it would be cool if they did

  19. You said heavy??????? Goop head ahh

  20. sorry guys, my friend here escaped our disabled learning centre this morning. please don’t be too hard on him 🙏

  21. it’s pretty impressive when he’s smaller than both yet able to drop any of the cast with a single punch lol

  22. I prefer the exes where you grab them by the neck and decapitate the opponent plus the one where you throw a throwing knife into their body and kick them

  23. fh servers have been extremely laggy since the latest update, best to give it a break for a few days is all i can rlly say

  24. after that kick he kept lighting from the right, if you can pick up on these habits you can parry them

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