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  1. If the confetti went off, that would have made it perfect

  2. https://media.tenor.com/qXVn96wTakYAAAAC/run-new-year-confetti.gif

  3. You got downvoted because your comment is really fucking stupid

  4. This was a lot of fun man! Works great on mobile. Great job :D

  5. All of these are awesome man! You should be super proud of those crafts

  6. They are up to 23 a week after the announcement on postponement. The problem is it's very rural and poor area of Texas, there are required hours of attendance per state law to graduate and most of the school was short on classroom hours. These kids are often working to help their families and that tends to lead to less time in school.

  7. I didn’t even know people hated the chain smokers.

  8. People have more of a dislike for the chainsmokers guys themselves, not their music. I’ve heard they’re some massive douche bags.

  9. xQc’s unique personality is definitely a major part of his success

  10. Literally acts the exact same as he did when he was a 100 viewer andy.

  11. Ironically, the clip he leaked shows the warning was justified.

  12. I honestly don't and have been watching twitch and counter strike for years lol

  13. So in other words, you haven't been watching counter strike for years?

  14. Could've been so much higher if they put Faze v Navi later in the day. Imagine it got the same slot as Apeks v Nip I reckon it'd be over 1m

  15. Probably this will be the peak unless we get Heroic Vitality match

  16. Exactly. I was sleeping then getting ready for work and I missed most of it. I had to go back and watch it when I got home. The time slot sucked as an American.

  17. well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions

  18. Yea sometimes the meat is juicy but sometimes its rock hard ass

  19. Excuse my ignorance, but which character does nani play? A lot of the replies are insinuating that he does the same thing he's preaching against.

  20. He was James Brown, late of the East Side Vagos - murdered by Frank Junior Smith on a boat off shore on orders from Benji Ramos after he informed to the police.

  21. Glad Buddha is helping lead NP going forward. Dude stays clear of any drama and is really influential in the community. Not to mention, this man empowers all woman on the server for the longest time. Any little thing that help steers things in the right step is an improvement.

  22. Yeah me too. And yeah, either that... or meth psychosis. Hard to tell.

  23. I don't get this sub, gambling bad, unless it's csgo, then gambling good?

  24. There's not even supposed to be clips of opening cases on this sub. Mods will probably nuke it once they notice.

  25. ahahaha holy shit I haven't seen that clip in so long, thank you for that

  26. They’re all just stood there like they’re watching a street performance

  27. I'd want to crawl into a dark hole and hide. That's like my worst nightmare lol.

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