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  1. I thought this was the announcement. Tickets go on sale Thursday.

  2. He wouldn’t make a dramatic Instagram post for something like a one off trio show I don’t think tbh

  3. Personally I hated it. Copa de Rocket League? What is that even supposed to mean? It’s not a cup?

  4. Why though? Don't get me wrong but what did C9 as an org do that is so significant to RL?

  5. Top 3 is impossible for me to choose so I’m doing top 5

  6. Ik people hate the chorus but I think it’s pretty funny ngl

  7. I knew Gravity and Slow dancing and a few other songs that I’d just heard around. But I really started listening when sob rock came out

  8. Aztral fist bumping and hugging chronic looked so wholesome

  9. Bro the views are literally half when NA is asleep. Such shit start time

  10. Wild Blue is my most played song on Spotify this year by a mile. And IGIJFL is one his best songs imo

  11. How would language barrier between Jstn and the other guys work??

  12. Wait I didn’t even see that until now LMAOO WHAT

  13. I have Sob Rock and WTLI on vinyl easily two of my favorites

  14. TheBopPops tweet 6 minutes before this retals tweet

  15. i thought g2 would be in the 70s or 80s after their performance in the last one

  16. 1 There’s a lot of G2 fans. And 2 I don’t think 1 bad result is a a reason to panic… yet. Especially considering the teams they played too

  17. There’s always a team that must be left out of Swiss, please not NRG lol

  18. 2 team tbh. I feel like there are 10 top 8 teams right now lmao

  19. Him and a handful of others keep appearing on Twitter and I have no idea who they are.

  20. There's a weird RL clique on twitter full of people desperate for impressions and attention, like they want to be names in the community without actually offering anything of value.

  21. I like the RLstats guys and Wid/Azfura/Fishhr they all provide a lot of content for RL if your in the Twitter scene.

  22. He appeared on RL Twitter about a year ago mostly making memes and funny RLCS content and has such gained Niche Twitter Micro Celebrity status

  23. As stressful as it would be for me a G2 vs NRG tiebreaker would be insane

  24. Honestly I just haven’t gotten around to listening to it. My dad loves the dead and I probably will too once I get to it

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