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  1. Sadly, no mention of ornaments and those were always the best looking ib armor imo.

  2. Those should be left in the past. They made a big deal about them only being available for that season.

  3. Fomo is cancer, thinking it's not is just plain wrong.

  4. Okay then. Bring back those ornaments, with a special playlist that recreates the meta from CoO and Warmind, with the exact same challenges, and actually earn them.

  5. not really? she's the last surviving member of her family, she lived through the times when many forces, lightbearers among them, would rob their forges for their weapons, and then she eventually supplied us with the weapons with which we took thousands of lives. It's really a weak justification if, after all she lived through, she decided to take up something less bloody than mass-producing guns.

  6. Counterpoint, this game is focused heavily on guns.

  7. it also has a story and characters which go through their own development. Literally every season this year has been about someone growing and changing as a result.

  8. I’m aware of the lore, I don’t care. Want Black Armory guns.

  9. Jorums claw was a CoO weapon that we havent seen since, so to 90% of the player base its a new weapon.

  10. Saying “oh but it came out during CoO” doesn’t negate the fact that the gun is already in the game.

  11. Jesus Christ make a new weapon for Nightfalls. Trials gets 1-2 per season that are completely new, why do GMs keep getting such bad additions.

  12. Those shader icons are fucking liars and should never be trusted.

  13. This is the second time it comes back, if you don’t have it by now, then you are not a core player.

  14. None of what they’re bringing back was actually hard to earn though, and required little time invested or skill. Stuff like this is fine, it’s the things like the Y1 IB ornaments that should be left.

  15. It's nothing compared to what people did to get this set originally lol

  16. You could literally kill yourself and get Trials loot back then what do you mean?

  17. I’ve been using the same Killing Wind/Frenzy Funnelweb since WQ came out and I’m never replacing that thing

  18. It goes in Riptide’s slot though so that’s a no go

  19. I want to use Riptide but I’m so attached to Deliverance now

  20. I accidentally dropped from 2400 to 500 during IB. I was genuinely shook.

  21. Huh yeah, i actually like how you meet the monsters 1st time i really hope they bring it back but this time coop

  22. Having to trigger every cutscene before people could join you was one of the worst things ever when trying to play with a friend

  23. This makes me not even care about the dripfeed anymore though. I come to check all the new stuff online when there is new dlc, look at everything that still had to come out and after a while just forget about it.

  24. I haven’t opened the game since the second day of the acid lab update, I was sick of drip feed content five years ago, this is just a joke at this point.

  25. I just really wanna know why you opened your bag and scrolled through every ball to choose the one you started on honestly 🤣

  26. It was mostly panic and I couldn’t decide which ball I wanted to catch it in ☠️☠️

  27. You know what, that’s completely fair, congrats on the minty hedgehog!

  28. Let's be honest, most of us probably clicked on this just to see if Shittymorph commented.

  29. OP made it sound like what was on the sandwich didn’t matter to them, because they don’t eat subway

  30. Don’t get me wrong, pedestrians either dumb or an asshole, but that car shouldn’t be driving if it can’t stop at that speed.

  31. You’re gonna slide no matter how fast you’re going when the roads are like that if you suddenly slam on the brakes.

  32. They have very bad short eyesight. Very good at spotting things far away but they can't see well up close.

  33. Is that why whenever they come to lay on my chest we have to touch noses before they can lay down?

  34. “She has nice legs, it’d a shame if- there it is”

  35. If being a rape victim was a license to kill members of the group that caused the harm, there would be no men left on Earth

  36. Tears of the Kingdom probably just put it on hold (cope)

  37. Jesus christ, get over your obsession with hating a dog.

  38. I’m always paranoid that I’ll die at the start if I do that, so I always try to safely land then I pull out my sparrow, as you can see it wasn’t a safe land lmao

  39. In case you don’t know, side boosting before hitting the ground on a sparrow will stop it from randomly exploding

  40. I swear nobody knows this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent it off a ledge, landed and then hear two explosions behind me. Cracks me up everytime.

  41. I also know any hunter who wants to max out their dodge isn’t just doing T10 mobility. With Utility Kickstart and other mods (I don’t know what they are, I’m not a hunter) they could dodge like every 7 seconds. Now it’s going to be like 9 or 10.

  42. w w w dot google dot com Hunter dodge cool down Click first article Read

  43. Oh yes, let’s run max mobility, and two utility kickstarts, because nothing else of value ever goes in those spots on the class items.

  44. I was dating a girl when I was younger, she seemed nice and she had two small cats. One weekend I went to visit her and the cats weren’t there, I asked her where they where she told me they had gotten annoying and so she put them in the car and drove to an abandoned bush area and left them. I faked an emergency at home (we lived about a 2 hour drive apart) left and broke up with her when I got home.

  45. I would’ve broken up with her on the spot and been very clear that I think she’s a garbage human being, after I asked her the general area she dropped off the kitties. That’s such an awful thing to do to an animal

  46. Weird fucker ex boyfriend aside, I've been married for 18 years, and we're not at a point in our relationship where we'll take a dump in the bathroom with the other person in the room. I can't imagine ever being at that point.

  47. At no point in my life will I willingly have someone in the same room I’m shitting in

  48. Reeks of entitled rich kid who’s now trying to grift

  49. Well only one of those things destroys the surrounding environment when it fucks up

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