1. I often do this. But would still make s last minute changes

  2. Where and how can i acquire this skill

  3. Damn, Canute shows no mercy to those who don't follow his orders.

  4. I laughed my ass off when they show the title for the next episode. Reading the manga made me thought that the next one would be title something along the line of "Thorfinn's awakening." but nope. We going full farming now

  5. First time I used one of these it sent magical, near-orgasmic shivers thru my whole body. Incredible.

  6. I once used my friend's when I had migraine and it works like magic. Probably should get one

  7. Not sure my wife and I ever went through any of the standard steps. Long long ago, we went from graduate school friends to virtually married to actually married without "confessions", and without any sort of standard "proposal". ;-)

  8. Isn't asking to get married the same as proposal? How did you do it?

  9. This anime is breaking the rules left right and centre. Handholding, indirect kisses with that cup, head patting

  10. I see some marks that i assume you made by burning/melting it. How?

  11. Man, imagine being that one guy stumbling upon this poor boy in the dirt. Great scene!

  12. Somewhere, sometime in the IBO universe, this may have happened. Some guy stumbled upon one of the 72 gundam mobile suit

  13. I have RG Unicorn with a third party perfect shield. It's probably the most majestic piece of gunpla i have ever laid my eyes upon

  14. This is the form Luffy will take in the Davy Back Fight between Straw Hats Pirates vs Red Hair Pirates

  15. I once dream of building a house like this. But you have realized it

  16. Yea. Thank you USA for stirring up things in the middle east and escalate the war

  17. The majority of the world thinks the earth orbits the sun, take the hint

  18. RG Unicorn, broken G35 (the L piece that connect the arm and the chest).

  19. I doubt you will be able to use the piece if you cement it. It might just break again when you try to reassemble.

  20. I think i agree with you. I will probably just buy a replacement part if i can find one with reasonable price

  21. Mann... Never have i seen diorite and its variants used so beautifully

  22. Remind me, how old are these swollen kids supposed to be in at this time?

  23. Remember those time when in dub, they would also change the name? Probably the same reason why. ( Not that I know why they did that tho)

  24. Never watch the anime. All I want is a new HG GP02 gunpla. That shoulder thruster is something else. I love elaborated and functional shield that doesn't just block the gunpla and may even be a display by itself. That calf is just chef kiss. The MLRS launcher is just icing on the cake.

  25. I mean, have your mother's entire career, work place, friends been massacred by the government? If not, then you're probably safe

  26. Yep, I would be more inclined to have an emotional support Zaku.

  27. I would just have my SD Aerial with me

  28. Pretty sure when my country was at its "peak" and the whole western powers want to take control of it back in 15th century, the temperature is never below 25°C

  29. How does she even walk with that shoes

  30. Has there been any multiple season isekai that's been fully adapted?

  31. Hyouka came out in 2012 that's over a decade ago, and the art and animations are still way better than most of the stuff came nowadays, Kyoani is truly one of a kind.

  32. Late 00s to early 2010s is probably my favorite years of anime

  33. I don't know the context but this looks really sad. I don't know how she got there. But in my case, my grandpa broke his leg. Bedridden for 6 years til his passing. He was a strongwilled man before his leg broke. But after that, his mental also break too. Even after the doctors said thst he should be able to walk again (with his effort that is), he stop trying at some point due to the pain on his leg. Within the 6 years, not many day went by without him calling for his death. It's really sad. Looking back at itz maybe there's really something that I should have done more for him

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