1. Lol expect the album wouldn’t have a advisory because it would be censored

  2. If we see Ye during the Super Bowl then his performance will get more views than the Super Bowl itself

  3. Ye really had the culture in the palm of his hand in October, wtf happened man

  4. Fr it’s crazy. He really just threw it all away to say some anti semitic trash and disappear 😭😭

  5. Am I crazy or did it all come out of nowhere? Like he just tweeted defcon 3 and did a month long antisemite media tour and dipped. There was no build-up or ending. It kinda just happened.

  6. Yep it literally came out of nowhere he started saying anti semitic stuff then just stopped.

  7. "last remaining" they think we are endangered species or something 💀

  8. “Bafflingly think they can convince adidas he’s better than Jenna Ortega.”

  9. NSLD Maybe but no 1050’s the production cost was too much

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