1. TON has proven a lot of skeptics wrong recently and this listing is well deserved if you ask me.

  2. Yes, that was my whole point. It’s not that it’s TON specifically but the fact that this could push the whole industry forward when it comes to options trading. Crypto definitely needs a regulated options exchange that has enough currencies on its list.

  3. Literally the only thing a crypto game needs is to be fun. Economic integration can come after.

  4. And sadly only a few fit into that category. I am yet to find a blockchain game that would get me hooked for the gameplay and not the rewards.

  5. Try out illuvium. Particularly I’ve been playing illuvium zero alpha and it’s been super fun trying to optimize land.

  6. Is it even playable now? I thought that you need land to test the game in this phase.

  7. Physical storage always works best. I keep a physical copy on a piece of paper that is stored safely but I also have two USB sticks with the same content. All 3 stored in separate places.

  8. I've only tried Veve, idk about NFT GO. Thing is Veve is only on ImmutableX so it's kinda whack, can't buy Bored Apes or any of the Eth projects.

  9. I mean I've made some pretty good flips on Veve so idk, to each their own

  10. Could be potentially huge if they can get enough eyes, think the biggest issue web2 game devs have is that they don’t understand building on crypto & bridging their games

  11. The other issue is the precedent that NFTs set on the gaming space. As of recently the Reddit NFT project took off and put NFTs in a good public eye, but for the longest time ppl just incorporate P2E games with scams, need to change that first.

  12. The event will consist of ecosystem supporters, community members, as well thought leaders in the space. Imo these events are important bc they showcase the supporter base as well as can gain more awareness for new supporters

  13. Would trade aggregators like 1inch and unizen be the future of crypto wallets? To me the ability to hold and exchange multiple currencies under one platform seems like something that could help drive mass adoption. Or are they more for exchanging rather than transactions?

  14. tldr; Here are the three best crypto trading aggregators that you should know about...

  15. Interesting, if I am understanding correctly.. pip.me takes your existing social media and web3 accounts, links them to a pip account, adding somewhat of a web3 payment stream into existing social media platforms??

  16. Cool. I came across this project on twitter the other week and saw they hosted a hackathon in Boston with harvard/ mit students. Felt like that was a massive achievement for a small project

  17. Agreed, I think it's cool a pre-existing project like MonkeyLeague was able to secure a collaboration with an actual huge Football team. Guess it shows the power crypto is starting to have. Tbh haven't minted NFTs in legit months but I might actually try for this one

  18. Well yeah if you want 1 billion users you’ll need to incorporate everything possible

  19. I think it's cool they're incorporating the obvious large projects but even supporting newer smaller projects like Aptos and such.

  20. Did you end up checking what Aptos about? Supposedly they plan to have around 150k+ TPS. Which is like 3x more than Solana lol, if they pull it off I wonder how they’d turn up

  21. Yeah the technology is definitely plausible, just the execution. Although I will say they seem to have an advantage over a ton of other L1s because of the support from Blocto.

  22. Hmm, maybe so these students can get a real life experience and gain stronger understanding in ways to improve the global financial markets, ways to enhance business operations and logistics or simply to improve the everyday life of a consumer with this technology. What a silly comment

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