what is slowly phasing out in 2022?

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  1. Ur not done growing as long as ur living lol. Just becaus he is 26 looking like this doesn't mean he cant change... why do some people always want to put other people down. Beyond me.

  2. Bones can still change. Your right tho, it’s a lot harder but it’s still possible. Otherwise explain to me why people who have had a stroke get a massive change in their facial bone structure even as adults. The bones can change its just a lot harder and will take patience. But, even if it doesn’t work as an adult, it’s still worth doing for the health benefits. Like it forces you to nose breathing which reduces your changes of sleep apnea. Besides, just having your tongue up increases your appearance, and if you want I can send you progress that people have had past the age of. 20. Like actual legit progress.

  3. I recently turned 18 and started mewing 1 month ago. I’ve taken multiple pics of my palate, teeth position, side view, front view, etc. If you want, in about 5 months or whenever I see some change. I can send you the progress if I get any.

  4. you can if you want but at your age i wouldnt count on it. you might get like idk, a half a centimeter worth of anything but honestly at that point dont even think about it, its just weird. check to see if you might have body dysmorphia too that shits no joke

  5. Sounds like you plan to see someone not Dr. Kasey Li. If that's the case you can't just take their word for it, they have to show proof, before and after scans demonstrating they can expand the cheekbones / nasal aperture.

  6. just wondering, how expensive was the EASE? i hear that expansions in general are around 10k

  7. COVID probably won’t be wiped out because of animal reservoirs, but after a few doses of the updated bivalent booster or hybrid immunity with vaccines and infections, hopefully the pandemic will truly come to a close by the summer.

  8. it wont. the virus will mutate again and again like it has been for the past 3 years

  9. no you're right, the lives of ukranians across the globe will always matter more than the lives of impoverished black people here. good to know where our priorities are. putin 2024

  10. So let’s pretend your false choice makes some remote sense. Don’t Africans living in Europe matter too?

  11. un peacekeepers dont do shit they literally molest african children and get away with it and thats been going on for well over 2 decades now. theyre playing world police and its never worked. and no one said anything about africans in europe?i said impoverished black people here, as in here in the us. we can afford to send ukraine 40 billion dollars but inner city kids in the us still don't have clean running water and havent for decades? take flint michigan for just one example out of many. no but you're right, white lives matter

  12. because that very thing thats involved in this scenario and its hers to do as she wishes?

  13. What I said is that he needs to be held accountable for his actions legally.

  14. Some people (including me) don’t have the privilege of time and money to consult a bunch of different specialists and surgeons just to figure out where to start. Especially if you have shitty insurance. What’s wrong with getting opinions from others who may have personal experience or knowledge as to what you might need, even if they aren’t a medical professional? I’ve been screwed over by many doctors and always do my own research before taking any professional medical advice as god’s word. I’m pretty sure Reddit wouldn’t exist if people didn’t want to gain insight from other people who may be in a relatable situation, right?

  15. because the best you'll get is uneducated guesses from random unqualified people? like theres nothing wrong with wanting that but the point is nobody can KNOW what you NEED.

  16. yeah i'll be honest the realization when i first found out i needed jaw surgery hit me the hardest but now its been a little easier to manage my mental health, i seriously wish the best for your health as well its really tough to wait. i'm currently waiting to get mine and it may be between a year to a year and a half before i can get mine.

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