Total wine would not sell me the specific wine I drove 60 miles to that location for because they claim I was with someone else who left and they need to see iD for that person. I was alone. So I made a mobile order of 10k and never picked it up

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  1. American and went to uni in the UK. Checked the box on the accommodation form to have a roommate because I thought that’s what everyone did.

  2. What I always did with my preceptees who were going to have to report off to assholes was to make a game of it. We called it What Is Crystal Going to Ask. Even when Crystal finally, finally took a job in PACU and was no longer able to terrorize our new nurses, we still called it that.

  3. There should be time requirements prior to starting an NP program. *in the specialty you’re about to study. I hate that the PMHNP programs are churning out NPs who were ED nurses or med surg nurses because “I had a psych patient once.”

  4. Almost nobody in my PMHNP cohort at a reputable brick and mortar university has ever worked a day in psych. Most of them seem to be coming from med surg and ICU.

  5. Hey this is by no means medical advice but just know that there is a risk of serotonin syndrome when taking those two meds together. Look up the symptoms so you are aware of what to look out for because it can be quite a serious condition.

  6. Yes! Thank you. I made sure to ask my psychiatrist about that. I’m definitely a researcher and chronic internet symptom checker lol She was not concerned since it’s a low dosage and not a long term thing I plan on doing. We talked about what those symptoms would look like and what to look out for.

  7. Sandwich Kings is bomb! Seriously a high quality sandwich shop.

  8. My boyfriend and I were at a grocery store self checkout buying some beer/wine. When the machine beeped that we needed our ID checked, the clerk just said, “okay which of you is paying?” I told him that I was paying. He checked my ID and that was it. It usually seems to be like that in my area but maybe that’s not the norm.

  9. I have a vindictive family member (my own unfortunately) that spends her time reporting me to my employer and I assume the board. So far nothing has come of it. I have been open with my employer about her abuse and gave them copies of the order of protection.

  10. That’s really fucking horrible. Sorry you have to deal with that!!! Our jobs are hard enough.

  11. $5/hr flat for RNs. Another $5/hr for nights too. PCTs get something like $2.50/hr additional for nights, $2.50/hr weekends

  12. I feel for you, OP. My mom and dad were married 25 years before my dad admitted he knew he was gay the whole time and just wanted a family. He had affairs and other partners the whole marriage without my mother’s knowing (he traveled on business a lot and always had an excuse for why my mom was unattractive). He was narcissistic and cruel to my mom, and I endured a lot of psychological abuse that I’m processing in therapy.

  13. YTA. You sound horrible to work for. I’m sure you’re not a fun wife either with your attitude.

  14. Psychotic gentleman said “I rebuke you crackers in the name of Christ” to us nurses. We were the crackers and we were all fired. Pretty sure it’s because we didn’t give him anymore silk milk after he had about 6 of them.

  15. Zero and I’m very ok with that! I didn’t even like them much at the time.

  16. Ugh yes, I had a patient try to convert me to Jehovah’s Witness once.

  17. I had a coworker trying to convert me to Christianity one night shift. Not really the appropriate conversation to have with a Jewish person given our history.

  18. From my understanding anyone who can write you a script can see your mmj script. Don’t go to a place of care that you can’t trust. It’s important for your healthcare team to know everything you’re using.

  19. Oh for sure! But my query is whether the medical board or board of nursing can pull a list of which healthcare workers have cards in order to punish them. Most if not all healthcare workplaces in OH are “drug free.”

  20. They can already access medical records they say something to my wife every time she goes to see the doctor. All last year too.

  21. I guess I should have been clearer — will the board of pharmacy tell the medical board or board of nursing which healthcare workers have cards?

  22. There's currently a scheme from the government to attract nurses to the country. 10k AUD relocation allowance to metro areas (Sydney/melbourne) and 13k to rural areas.

  23. oh dear ! Did they give him any meds; he could have reacted badly to the meds. <3 ((hearts and hugs)). To ME that sounds like a med reaction, and it happened with a friend of mine. Not uncommon at all, especially if there is any element of Lewy Body dementia in the mix. Once in a while the patient does not come out of it, but sometimes after a few days they recover from the medication. Makes me so terrifically angry that doctors prescribe meds which are not recommended for folks with dementia !!!!

  24. I’ve looked through all the med documentation and there’s nothing. Not even Tylenol. I’ve been back everyday since and no change.

  25. Are you sure they didn’t drug him? They gave my grandma Ativan one night while she was in the hospital to keep her from getting out of bed and falling … she can barely get up right now (injured her leg)… took days to get out of her system.

  26. Sounds like derealization. It can be related to traumatic experiences/anxiety. You will feel normal again, it just might take a while. I recommend really prioritizing yourself and taking it easy. A therapist could be useful too. I wish you the best!!

  27. I’m so sorry for you and your wife. I work in psychiatry and see this happen relatively frequently. Sometimes weed can bring about a psychotic break in someone who is already predisposed. Or, at least that’s what we think — it’s not totally certain. Luckily a lot of these patients clear up within the next few weeks with the help of medication. It’s still really frightening and I wish you both the absolute best.

  28. On a psych ward a patient took a staff member’s cellphone and stuck it in her vagina to hide it. Patient denied it adamantly. Staff member calls their phone and the patient starts ringing. Still denied it!!

  29. I have a little plastic scoop that fits on my keyring that gives the right ratio of salt and sugar for ORT, one of the big side of sugar and one of the small side of salt per 100ml, it's been one of my best buys (it's great for hangovers, to the point where my freinds ask me to make them "the special drink" after a big night out)

  30. I worked with a nurse from that ICU and was asking what it was like to work with Dr. Husel. She really spoke highly of him! On the other hand she’s still worried about being called to court/losing her license.

  31. Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Mormons, Agnostics…

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